5 Fishing Tips For Carp Fish Hunting


About Carp Fish

Carp fish belongs to the Cyprinidae family, and it is not a particular type of fish. These fish are huge and live in freshwater. Native locations of the carps are Europe and Asia. But they are imported to other nations across the globe. The results for each country are not the same. Some countries consider them as an invasive species.

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5 Fishing Tips For Carp Fish Hunting
5 Fishing Tips For Carp Fish Hunting

Grass carp, silver carp, bighead carp, common carp, crucian carp, mrigal carp, catla carp, mud carp, and black carp are the most prominent carp species. Species to species, the diet of the carps vary. The diet also depends on their habitat, but in general, it’s the same. Crustaceans, aquatic insects, aquatic plants, as well as other small aquatic life are the food of carps.

Population Of Carps

Yearly, a female carp lays more than 1,000,000 eggs. However, the population of them doesn’t go up. The reason is the eggs and fry are vulnerable to the fungi, predators, and bacteria. Known as still-water fish, carps are successful to develop breeding even in rivers, and canal systems. These carps can grow 2 pounds in a year if there are sufficient foods available. Sometimes they can grow up to 6 pounds, and so many countries see carps as invasive fish species.

5 Fishing Tips For Carp Fish Hunting
5 Fishing Tips For Carp Fish Hunting

1. Be Patient!

Carp fish is infamous as they gently strike their bait for some times before actually striking. You have to be very patient and give the fish, a chance to grab the bait. That time you have to throw the hook and fish it. It’s best to get yourself handy with a hook remover for removing the hook easily from a carp when it swallows it. Get yourself a hook remover made from stainless steel.

2. Near The Ducks Get The Carp Fish

In the area you are hunting, if there are geese or ducks present near the water body, hunt for the fish near the birds. Carps usually follow the ducks, especially where these ducks get some foods from humans. Carp fishes love a bread meal, that’s also free, and they don’t mind from where they get it. But you have to make sure that when you throw your hook, it doesn’t hurt the geese or ducks.

3. Using Right Hook Color For Hunting Carp Fish

Are you opting for colorful hooks to hunt your carp fish? If the answer is yes, then stop. The best results in fishing come from using the black matte hooks while you go out for fishing the carps. If you are using corn as the bait, then you can opt for a golden or yellow hook. However, avoid using any shiny hook in the murky water. The carps will shy away from the bait you have prepared.

5 Fishing Tips For Carp Fish Hunting
5 Fishing Tips For Carp Fish Hunting

4. Corn Works Well With Carp Fish

Yes, corns are among the best baits to use to fish the carps. The reason is the flavor, texture, and color of the corns are favorite for most species of carps. However, corn from the cob is less favorite than sweet corn straight out of the cans. It is probably because the canned corn has added sodium, which enhances the flavors and carps love it.

5. Use Artificial Bait

Yes, Carps are not easy fish for hunting, but not impossible to catch also. You have to use the right artificial baits that can make your task a lot easier. Artificial garbs and worms work as wonder during fishing the carps.

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