5 Practical Surf Fishing Tips For Beginners

Surf Fishing Tips

If you are yet to try surf fishing the you have certainly missed out on an exciting way of fishing. Surf fishing involves using the right bait and the right casting technique and a whole lot more minor techniques for the perfect fishing experience. However, all said and done, this is also one of the best fishing methods there is. No wonder many prefer surf fishing. So, if you have been considering to try it yourself, here are few things that you need to keep in mind.

Surf Fishing Tips To Fish Like A Pro

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No matter if you are a beginner, with these few practical tips you will be surf fishing like a professional in no time.

Start With Spot Selection

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The primary task before going fishing is to find the best spots. When you are surf fishing you need to remember that not every place along the coast line will be great for fishing. Fishes like to gather at places with more bait fishes and in deep water. So, if you find a darker area, which means that it is probably a hole along the coastline, then that will be a great place. Also check the jetties and breakwaters and the rip currents. You need to check out the coast during low tide so that you get a better view. Also, it is best if you can check the coast from a high vantage point and use polaroid sunglasses to reduce the glare and allow you to see clearer.

Read The Water

You will need to know the water current. Also, knowing the tide pattern is essential. These are important factors that determine where you will find fishes. There are fishes that prefer the choppy water because it mask the movement underneath. Moreover, high tide and water currents can bring up debris from the floor and thus attract more fishes. These factors should be taken into consideration. Learn to read the water. It changes all through the day and you can determine where to get the most catch depending upon the water current, waves, and tides.

Know The Weather

Weather also plays an important role as to where you are going to find the maximum catch. You need to consider the wind speed as this will determine whether the fishes are going deep inside or remaining close to the shore. A little breeze is fine and should not be a problem. But high velocity wind can cause problem for the anglers.

Select The Right Shore Rig

You will see that there are different types of shore rigs, such as, fish finder rig, high/low rig, and fireball rigs. The fish finder rig is perfect to allow some natural movement as the bait freely moves up and down. High/low rig, on the other hand, has the hook attached above the weight. This allows more than one hook attachment and allow simultaneous fishing at different depths, but also means that you will have to set the hook quickly or risk losing the fish due to the weight’s unnatural movement. Fireball rigs use Styrofoam to keep the bait a little above the bottom and protect them from the crabs. The bright color is also perfect for a cloudy day.

Don’t Overdo Long Casting

Long casting looks attractive, but it does not necessarily mean better catch. Don’t overdo it. You will get enough fish close to the shore as well. So, use the method judiciously.

In the end, it’s all about experience and practice. Surf fishing tips will help you on the way, but you need to use your own technique and master it. It’s not that difficult, but also not a walk in the park!

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