8 Popular Freshwater Fishes

8 Most Popular Freshwater Fish

In the United States alone, there are more than 12.5 million freshwater fishes as pets. Fishes are the top choice of pets here. Fishes are fascinating as they add a calming presence in the house while adding color as well. Freshwater fishes are also popular as they tend to reduce blood pressure and stress in an individual. Among the hundreds of kinds of fishes available, we dive into the most popular freshwater fish.

Neon Tetra

If you are someone who is going to own a fish for the first time, the neon Tetra is a great choice. It’s comfortable, easy to take care of. These freshwater fish grow only to about 2.2cms and thrive better in groups. As the name suggests, these fish come in bright colors, and they have a blue stripe running along their bodies.


One of the most adaptable freshwater fish is the guppies. They are lively and colorful. Typically, you keep guppies in a set of three. Each guppy requires only one gallon of water. The male freshwater fish are more vivid than females.

Oscar Freshwater Fish

If there were an award for the most intelligent freshwater fish, it would go to the Oscar. These are one of the very few fish that you can teach tricks to. Another aspect of these fish is that they grow fast; you must keep them in a bigger tank. Unlike guppies or neon Tetra, they require maintenance and thrive when bred together early on.

Mollies Freshwater Fish

8 Most Popular Freshwater Fish
8 Most Popular Freshwater Fish

Mollies are one of the calmest freshwater fish out there. They are easily adaptable and grow to about three to four inches. An interesting fact about the fish is that they don’t lay eggs to give birth; instead they are live bearers. Mollies are also easy to breed.

Zebra Danios

Another freshwater fish that is perfect for beginners is the zebra danios. They grow to about five to seven inches and are easy to take care of. As these are a schooling fish, they thrive only when there’s a good number of it. A thing to keep in mind is that Zebra danios are jumper fish, so it’s wise to keep a lid on.

Freshwater Fishes: Platies

Platies are freshwater fish that are famous for two main reasons. They come in multiple colors, and they’re easy to maintain. These are a community fish, which means that they get along well with other fish like mollies and guppies. Platies are also one of the most active fish out there.

Freshwater Fishes: Pearl Gourami

8 Most Popular Freshwater Fish
8 Most Popular Freshwater Fish

The pearl gourami is a freshwater fish that grow large yet remains peaceful. They thrive in dark settings as well. While the pearl gourami gets along with most other fish, it’s better to keep them away from aggressive fish.

Freshwater Fishes: Swordtails

In terms of the body, the swordtail is similar to the platys and guppy. But, it differs in terms of its bulkier body and sword-like fin. They survive well, which makes them perfect as a beginner fish. These freshwater fish come in so many different colors; they’re peaceful and thrive in a community.

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