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pier fishing equipment

Pier fishing is a fun and exciting sport where people can get up close and personal with many types of fish. Often people will use a boat to go fishing, and these days you can even buy fishing tackle that you can use from the back of your boat! However, you need to take care when buying tackle as you could end up damaging it while you are out on the water. You will also need to take special consideration when it comes to choosing the right bait for pier fishing. This article takes a look at some of the best tackle for fishing from a pier.

One of the most important pieces of equipment that you can use when you go fishing from a pier is the bait. You will need to choose one that is suitable for the type of fish that you are going after. Some of the popular choices include worms and insects. Worms are excellent baits, particularly if you are looking for small fish. They will hide in the shadows and move around the pier slowly, making them very difficult to find and thus, make good fish bait.

Type Of Insects

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Insects such as grubs are also very effective. Grubs are actually what you would get if you went out to look for fish that feed off the pier. You will often see fishermen who use mud as a fishing lure, and it really works!

These are just some of the few options that you have for the type of insect that you want to use, but there are plenty more available.

Fish Finder

A fish finder is an important piece of equipment too. If you fish often then you will know exactly where there are fish dwelling. They will be marked either on the top of the water or at the bottom. Sometimes you will be able to see them through the reflection of the water, but often it is easier to find them by using a fish finder. You can often find them at local boating shops.

Once you have all of your fishing equipment ready, it is time to go out and do it! First you will need to choose a location. This should be somewhere that is flat and has a good amount of visibility. The visibility is essential since you won’t know where the fish are dwelling unless you see them up close. Make sure that you can see them from a safe distance too. Remember to keep your back against the boat so that you don’t fall into the water!

Choosing A Location

You need to choose a location with a good amount of cover to where you can spend a lot of time watching the fish. This is because there is only so much that you can see through a small pond. The best spot to use when fishing from a pier is in the middle of the channel. This way you can always see the surface of the water to where the fish are biting. Also try and use areas that are not too crowded at the time.

Fish In The Early Morning

You want to find an isolated spot far from other boats that you might run into. Also it is often better to fish in the early morning or evening when the fish are smaller and easier to catch.

At these times you will likely get a lot more bites than later in the day when the fish become bigger and harder to catch!

Wrapping Up

If you can, bring some bait with you too! This way you will be prepared for the type of fish that you will be encountering. Some of the common pier fishing tackle that people use include spinners, sinkers, and jigs. You will also want to choose your words carefully. If you plan on doing a lot of trolling, then you may want to consider an electronic one!

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