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Popular Freshwater Fish

Freshwater fish accounts for the largest population of pets in the United States Of America. It is a top choice for pets. Most of the freshwater fish species are of various colors and have a sense of beauty to them. They bring about a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to your life.

Petting organisms has its benefits too. Health benefits include reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Most of the people who are in the fish-keeping business get attracted to this hobby very easily. The fishes are attractive and have personalized characteristics of their own. There are several species of freshwater fish available in the aquarium industry today.

Popular Freshwater Fish
Popular Freshwater Fish

Major Freshwater Fish In The Industry

Neon Tetra Red Fish Freshwater

Neon Tetra is a small, tiny redfish that are very prevalent species. It one of the most common bought freshwater fish. They reside in groups and have an approximate length of 2.5 cm. Due to their peaceful nature and calming movement, they are most in demand. The neon Tetra fishes have a horizontal strip across their body that makes them visible even in dark water.

The best way to store a neon tetra redfish is to keep it in acidic water with tropical temperature and surroundings. They mainly feed on worms, shrimps, and insects.

Oscar Freshwater Fish

One of the most intelligent freshwater fish, Oscars are available all over. They are trained species of fish and can perform several tricks. The only concern with the Oscar species is that they are to be kept in a tank separately. Within a brief period, they grow into large fishes. In addition to requiring high maintenance, the fish species produce a large amount of waste. But on a positive note, the fishes can be hand-fed. Oscars are to be kept in a group of 5 or 6.

Platies And Cherry Barb

Platies are the most beautiful of the freshwater fish species. They come in every imaginable color and very easy to care. Their fins and tail are black. A community fish, platies can get along with all other kinds of aquarium fishes. Their primary source of food include plants, meat, and other proteins oriented items.

Platies are good friends with the Cherry Barb. The Cherry Barb has a gold-silver lining and violet fins. Their length varied from 2-3 inches and require 25 gallons of tank size. It is recommended to cover your tank with plants because greenery is a necessity for the environment of Cherry Barb fish species.

Zebra Danios

A beginner freshwater fish, the zebra danios has a length of 5-6 cm. They require a 7-10 gallon tank and a group of 5 common species. With less number of companions, the fishes may not function properly. The Danios species of freshwater species are a bit hard to take care off. They need to be fed timely and adequately on a regularly. Their principle food items include worms, insects and the right amount of live food. It is advised to keep the tanks covered since the fishes tend to jump.

Popular Freshwater Fish
Popular Freshwater Fish
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