All About Perch Fish

Perch Fish Fun Facts

Perch Fish are among the most common freshwater fish. There are 6000 species spread across the globe. These fish have many names depending on where they come from. For example in the Philippines, they call the silver perch “Ayungin” and the climbing perch “Liwalo” or “Martiniko”

The most common species of Perch are the climbing perch, European perch, Balkhash perch, yellow perch, golden perch, silver perch, spangled perch, and white perch. Perch fish are easy to distinguished from other freshwater fish because they all have two dorsal fins, a lateral line, large thick scales, and gill covers.


Yellow perch have the most distinguishing appearance among all the species. They have dark stripes over their yellow or golden body. 

Yellow Perch
Image via IOWA DNR

Climbing perch have heads shaped like torpedoes and green scales. They got their name because they can climb out the water and use their pectoral fins, tail, and gill cover to move on land. It’s pretty amazing, here’s a video of a climbing perch walking, click here

Climbing Perch
Image via Finterest

If you want to keep perch as pets, I wouldn’t recommend it. putting them together with other fish might result in fighting because perch fish are naturally aggressive. Keeping them in a tank can work but make sure to put a lot of vegetation in there.

Habitat and Lifestyle

Perch are found in lakes, ponds, and rivers. These fish are plenty in clear water areas with sand, gravel or dirt bottom. Perch are semi-anadromous fish. It means they feed in fresh water mixed with saline saltwater but spawn upstream where there’s less salinity in the water. Saline water important in feeding because it is rich in nutrients. If you wish to keep one, the temperature must be kept at 20°C – 25°C and it must be well-planted.

Image via Sciencing


Facts say that they feed in a wide variety of invertebrates like zooplankton, insects, small crayfish, and snails. They also feed on smaller fish and fish eggs (even from their own kind). When it comes to perch pets, your local fish food should do the trick.


Perch fish spawn between April and May. Female perch are much larger and male perch fish are darker in color. Perch lay their eggs in a ribbon-like pattern. In the case of fish pets, Adults must be removed from the tank, because they tend to eat the eggs.

Image via Jay Fleming


You don’t need much when catching a perch. Typically a light rod and a 6-lb line can do the job. It is best to use live bait when catching perch. They won’t give you much of a battle when landing them. Perch are schooling fish and you can hook them on shallow weed beds where they hide.


Most species of perch are edible. They make very good fish fillets and are delicious. Yellow perch taste good but unfortunately, this species aren’t available in markets. Here is a recipe of perch fish fillets click here.

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