Anglers Urged for Action after Dolphin Tangled in Fishing Line and Hook in Port River

A dolphin named Marianna was spotted in the Port River last week with its dorsal fin tangled in a mesh of fishing line and hook.

Based on photos posted on Official Port River Dolphin Watch Facebook group, a dolphin was swimming playfully near a boat with an angling line tangled around its dorsal fin. It then caused fears and rage from concerned citizens, calling out recreational fishers with to dispose of their angling essentials properly.

Anglers Urged for Action after Dolphin Tangled in Fishing Line and Hook in Port River

The day spotters saw it, on the other hand, Marianna the dolphin was seen frolicking again but without the line wrap around its fin.

Local dolphin spotter Marianna Boorman said she was worried that the line could cut the top of the mammal’s fin. “Fortunately, it was only around the top of his fin, and the hook was dangling near the top as well,” Boorman stated.

She then called for people, especially anglers, to dispose of their lines properly as well as to reel it in when they encounter a dolphin nearby. “I guess the main thing is that we encourage people to take their fishing lines home with them or dispose of them appropriately. It’s not just dolphins, but all marine life who suffer,” Boorman said.

Another spotter Sharon Sharp also called and urged Port Adelaide Enfield Council and with the help of Department of Environment to provide a solution to the problem by installing fishing line disposal bins. According to Ms. Sharp, she heard about the program before, way back year 2015. However, it did not push through due to lack of fund and support from the government.

Recent reports concerning dolphin autopsies say the creatures have a mesh of angling hooks and lines inside its stomach.

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