Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Commercial Fishing Rain Gear

commercial fishing rain gear

Commercial fishing rain gear is used by fishermen in commercial fishing tackle stores. Rain gear includes anything that is used for fishing, such as rods, reels, lines, bases, plugs and much more. The types of commercial fishing rain gear that you will need depending on your experience level, but there are a few basics that every fisherman should own.

One piece of fishing rain gear that every fisherman should own is waders. Waders come in two varieties – soft or hard shell. A soft shell wader is usually made of nylon, while a hard shell wader is usually made of materials that resist wear and tear better, like fluorocarbon plastic. Either way, they protect your feet from water that can ruin a perfectly good rod or wreck a perfectly good reel.

A Pair Of Good Goggles

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You’ll also need a pair of good goggles for fishing in water. Goggles are great at keeping your eyes from getting scratched up, but they protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays as well. Sunglasses are also a great way to protect your lips from chapping, which will result in less lipstick being used, and they’re better than having a lip balm handy, which can be messy and doesn’t always cover the entire area between your lip and your glasses. Another waterproofing aid that is often overlooked, but is a must, is a breathable, cotton fishing shirt. The reason that shirts are so important for being comfortable in water is that without shirts, your body will sweat way too much while you are fishing and this can make you too hot and sticky, both of which are bad for the fish and bad for you.

Next on the list of essential commercial fishing rain gear is a reliable pair of hooks. The right hooks, especially when using bamboo ones, can mean the difference between catching bass or just watching them get away. If you’re going to fish in the colder months, don’t skimp on the hooks you use. Even a cheap pair of hooks will ensure that you catch more fish, and they’ll last much longer than the cheap silk coated hooks you were using before. If you catch a lot of fish with a couple of cheap hooks, you’ll eventually have to replace them because they’re just not holding up to the weather and constant use.

A Reliable Rain Jacket

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Another essential piece of rain gear is a reliable rain jacket, and for some people this might be one of the more expensive pieces of the set. Rain jackets are great for catching fish in all kinds of weather, not just rainy weather. They work great for catching trout in a lake, stream, pond, or river. Some have hoods that come up over the shoulder and can be pulled back, protecting the user from the rain, while others are fully enclosed and can be zipped up. Either way, they provide the angler with protection from the pouring rain while still keeping them dry.

Probably the most obvious piece of commercial fishing rain gear for beginners is a fly rod. The big question with buying a fly rod for someone just starting out is how exactly do you set it up? First off, you want to make sure it’s set up so that it’s easy to cast it into the water. For new fishermen who are struggling to get their line on the water, this can be frustrating, but remember, you need your fly rod to fish, not cast it into the water! Beginners will also need rods with tips that are wide, to help them catch the large fish they’re after.

Fishgill Are Excellent Bait

When it comes to bait, some anglers swear by worms. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of buying worms, there’s a simpler alternative. Fishgill are excellent bait, especially when they’re fresh. Fresh fish caught using gill emulsion are guaranteed to taste great! Other anglers prefer chum, but be aware, chum isn’t the same as baits such as sardines or mackerel. Chum is often used to draw sharks in, which can prove fatal if you’re not careful.

As mentioned earlier, it’s best to have some type of land on which you fish. Whether this is an expensive piece of land with a boat attached, or simply a trailer behind a vehicle, having someplace to cast your line off of will be important.


If the area you live in doesn’t have an ideal amount of open water, you might consider purchasing some type of float to use in your fishing rains gear. floats generally have a lot of power and a great deal of weight, making them very effective for catching fish. Of course, never forget to tie your reels in, because without it your fishing rain gear won’t do you much good!

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