Arowana Fish: An Insight

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The Arowana species of fish is a fascinating pet fish. Keepers enjoy petting them because of their silver lining and pleasing body shape. It was first introduced to the aquarium in the year 1912. The Arowana fish is mainly found in Asia, and therefore it is commonly known as Asian Arowana. Few other common names include monkey fish, dragonfish, water monkey, etc.

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Interesting Facts About The Arowana Fish

  • Although the Arowana is an Asian fish, it is found in the rivers of South America, Guyana, and the Amazon. The fishes are also spread along the shallow swamps and prefer swimming close to the water surface. If one wants to pet an Arowana fish, they have to find a suitable water tank which has a specific size.
  • The fishes are hardy and live up to 20 years. They grow up to weight near about 5 kg. Arowana fishes are primarily carnivorous and feed on aquatic insects and small fishes. They can feed on prawns, earthworms, fish, and tadpole too.
  • Since Arowana is a robust species of fish, they need an estimated 200 gallons of tank water or even more significant. The tank should have enough space for swimming and east movement of the fish species. To create a better environment, cover the container with delicate rock bases and green leaves.
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