Automatic Craw fish Trap Cast Net

Automatic Crawfish Trap Cast Net

Automatic Craw fish Trap; If you want to enjoy catching craw fish in your holidays, try this automatic craw fish trap. It is lightweight and portable. You can fold it small, so it is convenient to carry anywhere you wish too. And it is so simple to use that a beginner will also love this.

Just pull the string, and the automatic, telescopic net is ready to use for fishing. You can revolve it 360° to get a favorable position for catching. It is designed in a double-Decker pattern. The attached zipper makes it easy to extract the fish from the net.

Automatic Craw fish Trap Cast Net

It is straightforward to use. Pull the string, and the trap will be extended. Drop the nest into the water, and you sit back, waiting for the shrimps to get into the trap. Not shrimp or craw fish, this is perfect for catching lobsters, crabs, and more. You can use this trap for a long period since this is made on the stainless steel frame. It has six sides and 12 holes altogether. The large zipper will help you to extract the prey fast and with ease. They can be folded in small size, hence easy to carry in your bag.

Fishing Will Be Fun

You will have fun fishing with this trap net. The six sides and twelve holes make it suitable for catching small creatures like shrimp, crab, crayfish. The net is so user-friendly even the kids can handle it comfortably with just pulling the string. And the mesh is strong enough to carry fish in it. I would suggest everyone who wants to experience the joy of fishing, no matter he is an expert or wants to start this as a hobby. The children can also go fishing along with their parents to try something new.

Who This Automatic Craw fish Trap Is For?

If you are such a person who loves to wait long for an individual fish to bite the net, then this is probably for the right one for you. But if your target is to catch a lot of tiny fish within a short period, then this one is perfect for you. Just pull the string, fix it with the lock button, and drop it in the water. Wait for a while. You will see a lot of fish are stuck in the trap. It is as simple as that.

A Great Innovation Indeed!

This brand new net is an innovative device. It is light as a feather, and you will realize no extra burden when you get it inside your bag. It will keep you free from the wear and tear of the net. Moreover, it is of durable material. Hence once you bought it, it will last long.

The sturdy nylon is tightly woven to take any abrasions. The steel frame is here to provide with adequate constructional support to the system.

Overall this high-quality trap is ideal for anyone who wants to take fishing as a hobby. The user-friendliness of this trap will prepare you for fishing in as little as 30 seconds.   

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