Beginners Guide To Selecting Surf Fishing Equipment

surf fishing equipment

Are you planning to get into surf fishing? Anyone who has tried it once keeps going back just for the thrill of the experience. And, why should they not? It is indeed one of the most exciting ways to spend a fishing trip! One of the primary reasons behind the extremely high popularity of the sport is because you need not be a master angler to get a great day filled with enticing catches while surf fishing. Moreover, it’s not merely about catching the fishes, but also enjoying the experience of spending an entire day at the shoreline! Now, who can beat that? But, how do you get the best surf fishing equipment? Those uninitiated might even consider this to be a costly affair! However, it isn’t! let’s find out more.

Getting Your Surf Fishing Equipment

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Budget often becomes a constraint when buying fishing gears. So, we will start with the budget surf fishing equipment that you can get which will be perfect for any beginner.

Any shopping for fishing gears start with the search for the best rod and reels. If you are a beginner, or trying to find something within a small budget, don’t get into anything too fancy or eccentric. In most cases you will find rods and reels in combo, and they are often cheaper than finding the two separately. So, don’t fret over finding the right combination and pairing them. Go for the combo that will also have the spool. Generally a 10’ or 12’ surf rod and reel combo will be perfect for any beginner. Check them out at Walmart or Gander Mountain.

When selecting the fishing tackle, again, don’t get too fancy. Ask any professional and experienced angler and they will suggest you get started with live baits first. There is no point spending too much on the bait when you barely need to invest on essential tackle while opting for live baits. Especially for beginners, the live bait is the perfect choice since they are cheaper and lower maintenance, and gives a good catch at the same time.

With live baits, you will need to invest in just few other items. Start with some pyramid sinkers. The 3 ounce and 4 ounce ones will do perfectly well. You will also have to get some fishing rods with the hooks on a leader. These rigs are readily available at fishing equipment stores, or, you can even make them yourselves. One of the most popular and common rigs is the fireball. You will find them having two hooks and little floats attached to them and they are all ready to go. The floats keep the baits from getting to the bottom and away from the crabs.

Care For Your Surf Fishing Equipment

When you go surf fishing, even if you are using the costlier equipment, one of the primary things to remember is that you must take care of the fishing rods, reels, and every equipment. The salty water can cause severe damage, even to the best items. So, always remember to oil them and clean them with fresh water. Else, no matter how much you spend on buying them, they won’t last long!

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