Best Tuna Fishing Methods


Tuna fish belongs to the kingdom of Animalia; it is also commonly called as ”Tunny”. It is usually found in saltwater and belongs to the tribe Thunnini. Thunnini happens to be a subgroup of Scombridae. There are 15 species of Thunnini, which varies in length. Some species can grow up to 50cm (1.5 feet) and can weigh up to 1.8 kg (4lb), and some species like Atlantic bluefin tuna grow up to 4.6 meters and weigh up to 684 kg. Today, we discuss the best Tuna Fishing methods out there!

Best Tuna Fishing Methods
Best Tuna Fishing Methods

 The lifespan of this fish is believed to be around 50 years. Tuna fish can maintain their body temperature above the temperature of their surroundings. It is a feature that is unique to Tuna Fish. Moreover, it has a very slim and streamlined body, which helps it to swim faster. It considered one of the fastest fish and can reach up to the speed to 75km/h. As a result of overfishing now the fish is close to extinct. Fresh and frozen Tuna fish is a delicacy.

There are different methods of tuna fishing, which are widely famous across the world.

Purse Seining: 

In this method, fishers use the netting to encircle the school of fish and pull the netting to capture the fish inside it. This method is useful for obtaining a large volume of fish in lesser time. Still, it has a high probability of getting bycatch also. Also, the combination of purse-seiners with AFD’s method will further increase bycatch.

Long Lining:

 Longlining employs a long, central fishing line ranging up to 40 miles with a bait to attract the fish. These fishing lines are evenly spaced and can capture fishes that do not form any school. Many lines can catch their sea creatures like a tortoise, seal, etc. But it can be reduced by deploying the NWT deep inside or by charging the bait, which will specifically attract Tuna fish.

Best Tuna Fishing Methods
Best Tuna Fishing Methods

Pole And Line: 

It is one of the oldest and popular methods of fishing. Fishers use a fishing rod with a string and a bait. This method is very safe as the bycatch is less. Anglers change the lure, length of the pole, LineLine, and get the desired fish.


When it comes to trolling, the Fishers use more than one fishing line, attached with baits, and draw it through the rivers. If you have many fishing rods and you are a little lazy, then this method is perfect for you. Just install the fishing rods in the backside of your boat and wait. To get better results, you could move the boat slowly and change the location. You can attract tuna fish by using moving targets.


Handline has a fascinating concept of fishing. You will find a casing usually in a cylindrical shape in which the fishing cable is coiled. The end of the coil consists of a hook to hook the bait.

I hope you got some ideas about Tuna fishing from this, and hope some of the methods will help you with Tuna fishing. I hope you have a happy fishing season! Cheers!

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