Bow Fishing Tips To Enhance Your Skills Remarkably

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Archery fishing, also popularly referred to as “bow fishing,” is one of the most exciting fishing ways. If you are new to it, you might be a little surprised to know that in bow fishing, the fisher user bow and arrow to catch fishes. You can use a usual hunting bow with a reel attached to it in front of its grip.

A Short Introduction To Bow Fishing

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Bow fishing is popular among hunters when it is not the season for hunting game such as deer. It helps them keep their hunting skills in perfect condition irrespective of the season.

However, before you get into bow fishing, consider the following factors before you go in for bow fishing.

  • You should have your license to fish. Check out the laws of fishing in your state and find out what you need to start fishing. Some states need state fishing license.
  • You should have a state-approved set of archery fishing equipment.
  • Your state might require you to take an Archery Safety Course approved by it. This course includes the appropriate safety precautions to be taken by you and information on fishing laws that you should know.
  • In many states, you can bow fish only during some seasons. The intention of this rule is to safeguard the fish population by allowing them to spawn.
  • Many states have formulated laws that forbid you to catch certain species of rare fish.

Bow Fishing Tips To Get Your Fishing Skills Up

Now that you have the necessary knowledge about the process, it is time to move ahead with the fishing tips. Check out these amazing tips that will certainly help you enjoy your bow fishing trip.

  • Tying a knot might sound simple; however, you should be adept at the art of tying knots that don’t slip. This step is critical if you want to achieve success with bow fishing.
  • You should tune your bow to ensure that it is in perfect working condition. To tune a bow, you have to repeatedly adjust its rest and calibrate its nock. To tune a bow quickly, simply shoot a usual bow-fishing arrow, minus its tip, into a cardboard target.
  • While there are many similarities between bow hunting and bow fishing, they vary in certain respects. Bow-fishing arrows are heavier than hunting arrows, have larger tips, and have strings attached to them.

Winning Bow Fishing Techniques

Much like any other activity, even bow fishing has quite a few techniques to choose from. Check them out and see which one will best suit you. 

Still hunting: The bow fisher sits quietly on the bank of a lake or pool in a serene wood while he waits for a fish to shoot at.

Stalking: You can stalk fish on boat or on foot. Stalking means that you are moving continuously as you try to locate the fish.

Ambush: You can ambush fish that are in a crowd, and fish are usually found in crowds when they are spawning.

In bow fishing, fish are shot when they are in water; so the resistance you get from fish is different from that which you get from the game birds that you shoot in air. And that is the fun of bow fishing.

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