Braided Line Tips: Pros-Cons

Braided Line Tips: Pros-Cons

Braided line tips have entirely revolutionized the field of recreational fishing. The blend of decreased size and increased strength has made it easier for anglers to fish deeper, increase casting distance and get massive fish even on light tackle.

Nevertheless, many anglers do not find a braided line effective. This is because it is quite challenging to master its use and also quite expensive. The matter of the fact is if used in the right way, a braid can be game-changing for varied situations.

Braided Line Tips: Pros-Cons
Braided Line Tips: Pros-Cons

Pros That You Should Know

Braided Line Tips Come With Top Quality Size To Strength Ratio

Yes, there are many negative perceptions about braided lines among detractors. But it is also true that the equipment has several benefits over the conventional monofilament line. The diameter of a 15 lb test braid can be smaller than the diameter of a 6 lb test monofilament.

It not only increases the line potential of the reel but also reduces the overall weight of the outfit. These are factors you will love if you are into throwing 6-inch plugs throughout the day.

Braided Line Tips Offer Limited Stretching

Another great thing about a braided line is that it does not experience any stretching under pressure. It is entirely different from a monofilament that experiences a stretch of around 1/3 of its original length.

It is what makes braided line tips a better choice for anglers fishing in deep waters. The same feature also means the braided line will not develop a memory and will remain flexible even if you place it under heavy load.


Braided line tips are more durable in comparison to monofilament. They might be a little expensive, but it is always worth the price when it comes to the long span they serve. They tend to last for a very long time without any strength loss or damage. It means the overall expenditure across the season comes down.

It is also worth noting that anglers can quickly get a couple of seasons out on just one spool simply by reversing the braided line. This way, the underlying good quality line comes on top and is used all over again.

Braided Line Tips: Pros-Cons
Braided Line Tips: Pros-Cons

Cons Of Braided Line

A Braided Line Does Not Absorb Shock

Monofilaments stretch a lot. Thus, they serve as shock absorbers which are not the case with a braided line. Anglers find it very difficult to adjust to the energy transfer that takes place in using a braided line.

It is something that not only results in large scale damage to other equipment but also affects the bait or lure presentation. Anglers should ensure that the reels and rods are to be used with a braided line. Also, they should practice proper lure presentation.

Braided Line Is Slippery

A braided line cannot hold well especially when it is tied. It is quite slippery. Thus, fishing knots can easily slip when putting under pressure.

So, before opting for these line tips, going through the pros and cons once is always wise.

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