Can I Get a Fishing License Online?

As a responsible citizen and fisher, it is essential to comply with the government’s rules and regulations regarding fishing. As such—whether you purchase a fishing license online or in-person— the important thing is that you have one. So, before you prepare and begin to plan, make sure you have a fishing permit.

The Importance of Fishing Permits

Can I Get a Fishing License Online?
Can I Get a Fishing License Online?

The government does not offer fishing permits free. Whether the individual is a local to the state or not, the law will require him to pay a fee of about $10 to $40. The price may vary, however, depending on the person’s status and purpose.

Now, you might be wondering, where does the money go? The following are a few reasons why every state requires all fishers to obtain an angling pass.

  1. It funds wildlife and natural resources agencies. A portion of the money gathered from selling fishing permits goes straight to various accredited wildlife and natural resources department. The cash allows these agencies to operate and to learn more about every species of fish’s behavioral patterns, migration, and other essential data that could further help marine biologists in protecting the life under the sea. Say, if the agency discovers that a particular type of fish is endangered, they can then limit the number of fishes to catch, dictate what size is allowed, and when to fish. As a result, it will help the marine life to thrive.
  2. It allows authorities to recognize poachers. Fishing licenses also allow all states as and wildlife and natural resources departments to identify which are legal fishers and which are poachers. Enthusiasts are required to show legal documents such ID, or eligibility of residence before an authorized store can sell it. As such, it creates fear for those who want to fish illegally. The fee is quite affordable as well (10$ – 40$). Hence, it is suspicious not to get one.
  3. It aids in conserving marine life. Angling permits’ fees to fund the government as well to increase and continue each state’s effort to preserve the ocean life. As what was mentioned, they allocate it to different departments that particularly maintain and protect fisheries and fish breeding grounds.

  4. It helps to regulate the fishing population. One of the primary and most crucial reasons the government issued a permit to fish is to control the fishing population. What it does is that it limits the number of fish as well as the species an enthusiast can catch in a day. And as a result, it helps all fishers in the form of abundant fishing.

How to Get One?

Can I Get a Fishing License Online?

Getting an angling permit is straightforward. As long as the individual has all the documents needed to prove his eligibility, he can purchase it easily and immediately. Furthermore, there are numerous ways to obtain it.

That said, here a few ways to get your fishing passes in the US:

  1. Online. Online application for a fish to license is now possible. For those who do not have time to visit an authorized store that sells permits, online purchasing is an excellent alternative. In fact, it is the fastest and most convenient method to buy it. Moreover, fishers who wish to renew or replace their fishing documents, they can now do it online. Just visit an official state department’s website that issues a fishing license, sign up a short form, and pay it using your credit or debit card. The license can then be printed immediately. Or if you wish, some states can deliver it to your doorstep.
  2. In person. For those who are not too busy, dropping by to a nearest authorized agency or store is another way to buy a fishing pass. It can be purchased from a sporting goods shop, fishing equipment store, or a local government agency. Also, do not forget essential documents such as proof of identification and residency.
  3. Through a phone call. Some states offer an option where enthusiasts can order their license via a phone call. It is as simple and as quick as the online transaction. The only difference is that a representative from the store or agency will ask for personal information as it is needed.
  4. Via a mail. For enthusiasts who are not able to order through online or phone, requesting a fish to license via mail is also doable in some states. Just send an application together with the requirements and the license fee.  The agency will then arranged for a date and time to deliver it at any location the person wishes.


Purchasing an angling permit is as easy and as straightforward as buying a snack at a convenience store. That said, there is no way you, as a responsible fisher and citizen, cannot obtain one. Remember that the collected fee is crucial as wildlife and natural resources agencies need it to continue to operate. Thus, before you start planning and preparing for your first or next activity, make sure you have your permit.

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