Carp Fishing Tips To Help You Catch Bass

Carp Fishing Tips

So, what are some of the best Carp Fishing Tips? That’s a question many anglers ask as there are so many different techniques available for catching these small, but nasty fish. Carp are omnivorous and will eat both fish and insects, so a little preparation can go a long way with these fish.

Both species of carp work well for bait but in the end it really comes down to preference. Blunt braided are better for fishing small carp in shallow water but in small snags and at deep depth it’s brutal stuff that will never break, often stuck in the bottom of the lake and sinking very quickly. Fluorocarbon is often invisible underwater and will only become visible at the surface, making it nearly impossible to locate in the water.

Using Bobber To Fish

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Many fishermen swear by using a bobber to attract fish. This works because the bobber will move with the fish in the water and it will create a lot of wake for the fish to travel through. This wakes help to attract fish to a specific area of the lake. However, be careful not to use too much of this method because it could damage the lure. It’s best to use more of this method than others when you have larger fish to catch.

A good idea is to try and find a spot where there is a lot of cover. These areas tend to be deeper so the fish will have no problem hiding out. Try to catch them early in the morning and late in the evening, before the sun goes down. If you do this consistently you’ll see better results over time. You can also use lures that have a chemical called algaecide in them so that they act as a repellent for other fish that may be around the area.

Using Net To Fish

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Another great technique is to put a net on the top of your tackle box or on the edge of your boat, this way you can catch fish right from shore. This is great because you can bring the fish right back to shore without having to go out in the water. Even though it’s not very popular you can sometimes catch some very large fish with this method.

The best type of lure to use is usually one that is attached to a float. There are lots of fly fishing lures that are attached to floats that are made for this purpose. Most of these lures float because they are hollowed out. The smaller lures tend to sink deeper into the water, giving you an opportunity to actually locate the fish in the water.

Other Tips To Know

Other than the fish itself there are a couple of other things that you can do to make catching the fish easier. Some people use crankbaits to get the fish up in the air while others will use worms to get the fish to swim near them.

As a bass fisherman, you should know that bass can change their minds and change their pace very quickly. So, if you want to catch the bigger fish you have to stay a bit more vigilant than a bass fisherman.


A lot of times the fish won’t attack you if you stick to a single technique all day, they will change their behavior and start eating bait instead. You want to keep changing your tactics until you’ve got a successful fishing day. So don’t become discouraged if you have a bad day, just keep trying until you have a decent day. So take it easy and enjoy yourself, the process, you may never get the best day of your life but you will learn a lot by experiencing carp fishing tips.

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