DIY Spoon Lure For Any Fish


A DIY spoon lure can easily be made using a few tools. These include some standard tools, an old spoon, and some creativity, of course. All these things in place, and you are all-prepared to design a homemade fishing crusher.

Kitchen spoons have long been converted into fishing lures by crafty and creative fishermen. Fishermen used spoons of different shapes for luring fishes in the same way as they would use them for shoveling frosted flakes into the mouth. The very first spoons used for catching fish were way before Dardevles started being mass-produced in the 1900s.

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DIY Spoon Lure For Any Fish
DIY Spoon Lure For Any Fish

Nowadays, you will find the tackle stores dealing with different varieties of spoons. The thickness, shapes, finishes, patterns, and weights you will find this category are practically limitless. However, the fun lies in coming up with your very own DIY spoon lure retrofitted with hooks for catching fish.

How Is It Different From Other Homemade Lures?

If you think of DIY lures, the images of wine cork bass bugs and broom handle poppers might come to your mind. However, homemade spoons are entirely different from these lures in that they are incredibly versatile. You can use your homemade spoon lure for targeting pikes in Canada, brown trouts in Iceland, yellowtails in New Zealand, and Spanish mackerels in Miami.

Yet another advantage of having a spoon lure is that it is easier to build and use them in comparison to other homemade lures. You have the option of putting minimal effort into this project while remaining assured of excellent results. Even if you do not put a lot of effort into making a spoon lure, you will get a product that will eventually help you in catching a lot of fish.

Going About With The Process Of Making A DIY Spoon Lure

Using tools like a drill press and the grinding wheel will make it easier for you to make a spoon lure. But you can even do with simple tools like jewel saw, file, and hand drill. The only thing you need to do is cut off the stem of the spoon and file the connect point smoothly. Next, drill holes at both ends and add a hook and split rings to start with the process of casting. You can even use dull spoons for the project and find them scoring some bites. Once and for all, you need to be highly creative with this project.

DIY Spoon Lure For Any Fish
DIY Spoon Lure For Any Fish

You have the option of painting the spoon in a desirable color while going crazy with different experimental patterns. Try flattening the edges with a hammer and change action. Use various tools for etching gills and scales. Get your hands on glue or holographic tape to stick rhinestones on the lure. It will add some extra flash. Now cover the hook with marabou, tinsel, and bucktail for playing with tail action. It further helps in creating great visual appeal. There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing a homemade spoon lure. You simply need to be creative enough.

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