Fish Bowl: Can You Actually Keep In Bowls?

Many of us loves fishes as pets. And we have them at our homes in aquariums or fish bowl. You need to keep the fishes in an enclosed space. With all the facilities given to them. And also look appealing to our eyes.

Whether it is your bedroom, or your drawing room. You can keep a fish bowls anywhere as it pleases you. You can however, also have a fish bowl on your office desk. Which will make your work environment happy and pleasing as well.
Many of us already own an aquarium. Which is of a suitable size for any household. With a fish bowls near you. You will be able to feel the splashes of positivity. And in turn churn out the negativity around you.

You can make your fish bowls look cute and adorable. By planting few items in your bowl, helping the fish to survive. Also making it appealing to the eyes. Fish bowls is anyday convenient than an aquarium. As it is not only within our budget but also easily portable in nature.

Fish Bowl: Can You Actually Keep Fish In Bowls?
Fish Bowl: Can You Actually Keep Fish In Bowls?

However, you need to keep certain things in mind. In order to make a bowl of fish healthy for the fish to survive. Let us see how it is possible.

Fish Bowls Are Not Easy To Maintain

Some of us may believe that it is easy to maintain a bowl, than an aquarium. As it is small in size and cleaning or maintaining becomes difficult. You need to be really careful if you plan on having a bowl for fishes.

Fish Bowl: Hindrance Oxygen

This often happens when the household is not spacious enough or you can say it don’t have proper Disorientation. So it becomes difficult in the circulation of the oxygen. Filling up the surface area is very necessary as proper amount of water is named to be filled up.

A common problem that people face is that even if the clean water proper circulation of oxygen is not found , the amount of oxygen delivered in the bowl is not balance with the amount of oxygen consumed. That is why it is important to half way fill it so that fishes find it convenient to move around with proper oxygen circulation.

Absence Of Proper Filteration

One of common problems is to find proper filter according to the bowl. It’s difficult to find similar filter for each bowl. Since, an even filter will not fit in the odd fish tank. The myth is actually true that the small is the fish tank is more important to fill pure water and apply proper filteration .

Some container comes with excluding with the filter heater and lighting. However, it is useful and beneficial to buy them in a package. As it gives more functions with saving your money at the same time.

Fish Bowl: Can You Actually Keep Fish In Bowls?
Fish Bowl: Can You Actually Keep Fish In Bowls?

Fish Bowl: Life – Span 

There aren’t any fish that can survive in this condition. However, some fish species like Betta and goldfish are not a good choice. As they are not strong enough to survive in this condition. Longfin Zebra Danio and Jack Dempsey are two strong species of fish that can survive.

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