Fishing Forecast: When is the Best Time for Bass Fishing?


Every seasoned angler knows very well the importance of weather in any kind of fishing. Fishing forecast is like a warning or a map which could tell whether the activity would be a success or not.

Bass angling, for instance, has several weather conditions in which enthusiasts can either catch plenty of fish or none at all. As such, it is essential to learn a few tricks about the fishing forecast.

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The Best Weather Condition for Bass Fishing

Fishing Forecast: When is the Best Time for Bass Fishing?

1.    Warm Front. This condition usually triggers bass to feed on whatever that is available.  A steady rise in temperature, usually a sign of a brewing storm, can also lead them to bite whatever that is near. They move to shallow areas of the waters as well. Hence, anglers have higher chances to catch fish during this time.

2.    Cold Front. Bluebirds usually appear after a cold front. As such, high pressure is around, and bass basically is still in a phase anglers called is a bad tequila hangover due to the cold front. On these days, bass is hard to locate, which makes the activity a little tight. That said, it is best to wait until the weather has stabilized. However, if you’re on holiday and the climate has not changed, try to stick to docks, piles of wood and structure. This type of species prefers structure in the first few days of a cold front. Downsizing is often the best way to make a strike.

3.    Wind. Some of the most frustrating days when fishing is between cold and warm fronts and the wind is too strong. The best alternative plan is, however, is often to venture out and get right in the middle. If you’re going to fish for a windy day, make sure you have a full battery and roll your roofs down on your baitcaster, because the blusteriest side of the lake is where the best bass fishes are.

The windiest side of the lake has a lot of sources of food that fuel the food chain under the water. For that reason, largemouth are right there all the time engulfing the lesser members of that chain. Stay away from sheltered areas and coves. Instead, make a game out of the number of casts you can make before a reversal. You can even catch the biggest bass in your life.

The Worst Weather Condition for Bass Fishing

Fishing Forecast: When is the Best Time for Bass Fishing?

1.    Muddy and High Water. Although a little rain is often useful for fishing, the combination of heavy rain and runoff can lead to muddy and high water, which are both a bad thing when bass fishing. Aside from that, after a day or two of a heavy rainstorm, bass fish typically becomes a little less active due to the influx of nutrients.

On the one hand, fishers can sometimes find success in shallow parts of waters, and clearer pockets as all the rubbish wash off bugs and worms into the water. It attracts bluegill and other baitfish to follow as well.

2.    High Tides. High tides are not a good weather condition to do bass fishing. The water during these days are high, and the current is too quick making all fish spread out. Besides, it is quite dangerous to fish with such weather. Thus, it is better not to try bass fishing during these times.


Bass fishing is not straightforward. It takes skill, patience, a broad knowledge concerning various aspects. The weather, for instance, needs to be considered by enthusiasts as well. And as what was mentioned, they play a vital part of the activity’s success. Hence, it is crucial to learn a few tricks about the fishing forecast.

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