Fishing Gear Essentials For Beginner Anglers

Fishing Essentials

If you like fishing and you don’t know where to start, walking inside a huge store can be intimidating. There is such a wide range of fishing gear essentials. Hence, you have many ways to start fishing. Moreover, this article will discuss the essential fishing gear before you head on down to the lake.

1. Rod & Reel

This is obviously number one in our fishing gear essentials list. It’s your sword and shield. Anyway, when it comes to your weapon of choice, choosing a medium action rod with around 8 lb -20 lb rate is a great start. It will give you a wide variety of species to catch. Therefore, you would want to start with something that catches both baitfish and lure fish. 

Fishing Gear Essentials For Beginner Anglers
UglyStik GX2 Spinning Fishing Reel and Rod Combo

2. Fishing Line

Fishing lines vary from different materials to many other diameter sizes. So, the larger the diameter, the stronger the line. Fluorocarbon lines are invisible underwater and abrasion-resistant. Monofilament lines are buoyant and stretchable. Hence, for beginners, you should be fine with the monofilament line of a 10lb test.

Fishing Gear Essentials For Beginner Anglers
Berkley Trilene XL Filler 0.011-Inch Diameter Fishing Line, 10-Pound Test, 330-Yard Spool, Clear 

Pro tip: Practice tying knots, and do it with monofilament first. Start with tying basic knots, improved clinch, uni, and Palomar knots. Thus, by knowing these three, it could get you to tie your line to any rig or hook you need.

3. Tackle

Tackle – Hooks, Sinkers, and Floaters are all the equipment you need if you’re just a beginner.                

  • Hooks – Try to stay away from snelled hooks for now. Snelled hooks have a shock leader pre-tied to them to attach to a swivel snap. Just get a basic octopus hook for now.
Fishing Gear Essentials For Beginner Anglers
Gamakatsu Octopus Hook
  • Sinkers – Sinkers are important because it helps you cast your bait further and keep it underwater. They don’t cost as much and are easy to install.
Fishing Gear Essentials For Beginner Anglers
Eagle Claw Removable Split Shot King Pack, 90 Piece (Plain, Size-2)
  • Floaters – Often times they are called bobbers. They help keep your bait off the bottom and tell you when you’re getting a bite.
Fishing Gear Essentials For Beginner Anglers
Comal Tackle 3″ Popping Float Red/White Slotted unweighted pk12 #22W3

4. Live Bait

Every single experienced fisherman out there started fishing with live bait. The most efficient bait is the nightcrawler. Most fish will eat nightcrawlers. 

Canadian Nightcrawler
Image via Morgan’s Bait
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