Fishing Methods You Should Be Aware Of

There are various fishing techniques adopted by fishers across the globe. They are methods to catch fish. These procedures include spearfishing, angling, gathering, commercial, artisanal, recreational, netting, or trapping. Recreational fishing can be a sport or a hobby, but commercial fishing is for livelihood or as a business. The most common fishing means are angling and netting.

Fishing methods also depend upon the type of fish, fish behavior, and the water resource. You can decide on the right fishing technique, after knowing the target fish species and their habitat. They thus differ based on the fishing gear used.

Fishing Methods
Fishing Methods

Different Fishing Methods

Hand Gathering

Gathering fish by hand is a technique that was more prevalent in ancient times. Nowadays, this method is more of a recreation form in various versions like Noodling, Pearl Diving, Trout Tickling, Flounder Tramping, or Trout Binning.


This is an ancient procedure of fishing too, in which you may use an ordinary spear such as an arrow, trident, or harpoon, to catch fish. A harpoon is a device with barbed poles that help in catching fish. A trident is a three-pronged spear that is often mentioned in ancient mythology and texts.


This is a common fishing method to gain a profit, by using big nets to catch fish. These nets or meshes are knotted with a very thin thread and are cast from a boat to catch fish. There are also scoop nets available that you can hold them by a long handle. Chinese fishing nets are shore-operated lift nets run by mechanical devices. Lampuki is traditionally fishing nets. Cast nets are round ones with a weighted edge. You can throw them into the water in such a specific manner, that it spreads on the water, and sinks because of the weight.

Fishing Methods
Fishing Methods


Another technique from the popular fishing methods is Angling. In this, you can catch fish by a hook or an angle attached to a fishing line. Sometimes, you may connect a sinker to the end of the line, to sink in the water. This was one of the first fishing rods devised in prehistoric times, with the bait attached on the hook.

Line Fishing

You may use a fishing line in this method. They differ in weight, size, length, and material. Today, different types of lines are available according to UV resistance, knot strength, breaking strength, abrasion resistance, visibility, or limpness stretch. They can also be from different artificial substances. Hence, you can get monofilament single strands as well as braided ones.


This is one of the most used fishing techniques in all cultures across the globe. People use either a permanent trap or a semi-permanent trap for fishing. These are placed in a river or a tidal area to baitfish.

Finally, here are some of the different fishing methods used across the world for catching fish. There are many different variants to each procedure too. However, for recreational purposes, you should rely mainly on the angling method.

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