Fishing Techniques: The Best

Fishing Techniques: The Best

Whether fishing is your hobby or you fish for commercial reasons, you should know these essential fishing techniques.

The most common fishing techniques are Hand-Gathering, Angling, Netting, and Trapping. The choice of a particular fishing technique depends on factors like fish habitat and migration. The more you know about fishes and their habitat, the more your success will be with any fishing technique.

Fishing Techniques: The Best
Fishing Techniques: The Best

Fishing Techniques: Hand-Gathering

Hand Gathering is the simplest fishing technique. It simply involves, gathering or picking of seafood using your hands and minimum tools. Examples can be picking of shellfish or clam. There are different kinds of hand-gathering techniques like flounder tramping, noodling, and trout binning or tickling.

Fishing Techniques: Spearfishing

Spearfishing is one of the oldest fishing techniques you will come across. It involves fishing using a spear. The spear can be of different shapes and sizes depending on the application. Some of the most common spears are a trident, a bow, and an arrow and harpoon. You can also use tools like Polespears which are attached to a sling.


When it comes to fishing techniques, netting is one of the most common techniques you will come across. You will find a wide variety of nets available in the market, like ghost nets, drift nets, trawl nets, hand nets, gill nets, cast nets and Lampuki nets. Based on your need, you can choose one from the list.

Fishing Techniques: The Best
Fishing Techniques: The Best


You can go for angling if you are into commercial fishing. You will see the use of angling techniques, more prominently in sport fishing, and methods like longlining and trolling in commercial fishing.

Line Fishing

If you fish using a fishing line, it is called line fishing. There are multiple types of line fishing methods you can use and different parameters you should consider before selecting a fishing line. Some of the key ones are stretch, visibility, resistance to abrasion, cost, and breaking strength. Read below, a few types of line fishing methods:

Droplining: Droplines usually contain a series of hooks attached with baits. You can notice that they have a weight attached at the bottom, and a Float at the top, to keep the fishing line afloat and you can see the use of a lesser number of hooks here, as compared to longlining.

Longlining: Longlining is a fishing technique usually used by commercial fishermen. You can see that there will be hundreds of hooks with baits to lure the fish. You usually target species such as Sablefish, Swordfish, and Tuna with this technique. Longlining is usually done in a special boat which is called longliners, specifically designed for longlining.

Trotlining: You can see that Trotlining is pretty similar to Droplining and the only difference is that the baits are arranged vertically in case of a Dropline, whereas in a Trotline, it is arranged horizontally.

There are many fishing techniques you can learn, but this article touches upon a few of the most common and useful ones. Hope this helps you to be better prepared for your next fishing experience!

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