Freshwater Fishes: Aquarium Fishes

Freshwater Fish: Aquarium Fishes

Aquariums are standard in every household. People tend to keep freshwater fish in their houses. According to a survey, over 12 million people in the US have freshwater fish aquariums in their home. These are popular for their beauty and colors. These fishes have many benefits, such as lowering high blood pressure and stress. Many fish lovers start keeping aquariums as a hobby and end up getting hooked.

Freshwater Fish: Aquarium Fishes
Freshwater Fishes: Aquarium Fishes

The Best Freshwater Fishes To Keep In Aquariums

Freshwater Fishes: Neon Tetra

These are tiny fishes, and usually the first fish an aquarium beginner brings home. These fishes are easy to take care of. The length if these fishes are about 2.2cm and always swim in groups. They can be kept with fishes of other communities. The best feature about a neon tetra is the color of their body. They a blue horizontal line running across the body and are bright in color. Their color keeps them visible in extreme dark waters. The water requirement for their comfort is acidic and soft with warm temperatures. They accept almost any kind of food.


Guppies are hardy fishes and can survive in any water condition under any temperature. These fishes are very popular and easy to take care of. Experts recommend keeping the guppies in sets of three. The male guppies are colorful than female guppies. The best temperature for guppies is between 10 to 29 degrees. A mixture of plant and animal food is best for the guppies.

Freshwater Fish: Aquarium Fishes
Freshwater Fishes: Aquarium Fishes

Freshwater Fishes: Oscar

Oscars are very popular aquarium fishes and highly intelligent. You can train them for tricks and a favorite of aquarium lovers. However, these fishes require high maintenance than any other fish. These fishes have the high temperament and are predatory. The fishes quickly grow in aquariums. Oscars can survive in pairs or a group of five or more. However,  they must be together since they are young.


Mollies are the best aquarium fish for beginners. They are hardy and can survive in any water condition. The pH value of the water must be between 7 to 7.8 and kept in a tank of twenty gallons of water. These fishes give birth to young ones rather than lay eggs like other fishes.

Zebra Danios

Zebra danios are beginners fish and can grow up to 7cm. These fishes can stay in a ten-gallon tank. Since they are schooling fish, low in number can make then stressed. They usually eat all kinds of food. However, it’s best to serve them insects and worms. They are pretty jumpy, so it’s better to cover the tanks.

Freshwater Fishes: Platies

These fishes are found in almost every color present in the world. They are hardy and therefore very easy to take care. Platies can be kept with other community fishes like mollies and guppies. Irrespective of their small figures,  they are highly active and love to be in groups.

Cherry Barb

The name cherry barb comes from the color of the fish. These fishes are as big as two inches when they grow. The minimum tank size for cherry barb is twenty-five gallons. These fishes are omnivorous and eat all kinds of food. These are peaceful and therefore can be kept with various other fishes.

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