Here Are Some Of The Best Savage Gear Fishing Lures

savage gear fishing

Because nature is continuously changing, you never know what will happen when you go fishing. The better the possibility of success, the more variable the fisherman, adjusts to the conditions. A single savage gear fishing lure can determine the difference between success and failure! We recommend five attractions to get you off the water successfully. 

Real Eel 

Fishing Lures

It’s no surprise, then, that the Real Eel has been catching capital pike for years! There are also two separate variants to allow for optimal adaptation to changing conditions. You merely need to attach the Loose Body variant onto a jigging head to get started. You can choose the “ready-to-fish” version if you want it to be simple and realistic.

3D Goby Shad 

Fishing Lures

If the pike is still staying in the shallows, slowly pulling your bait through the hot region can benefit. This challenge was made for the 3D Goby Shad! Even without weights, the comprehensive profile and long-tail ensure a stable run. Only a few rubber fish on the market are capable of achieving this feat. The Goby Shad flanks provocatively from one side to the other to interest the pike even at this leisurely presentation.

3D Jerkster PHP 

Jerkbaits are a summertime staple, and the Jerkster has created a name for itself! The design is incredibly realistic! If you know how to use your rod to make the appropriate strokes, you’ll be able to perform the Jerkster’s dance in no time. It emits so many impulses as it flashes from one side to the other that it frequently hails quite complex attacks.

Cannibal Shad 

The Cannibal Shad has been a staple of our program for a long time, owing to its incredible catchability! The large paddle and notches in the tail section make for a fun run! It also flanks beautifully from one side to the next, causing it to sparkle even more. Even with relatively light jigging heads, this behavior can be observed, making it appropriate for a wide range of applications. We tailor this shad to the conditions of the water by adjusting the weight of the jig head. The Cannibal Shad can be fished in various ways, including jigging, lyres, trolling, and lazy fishing in deep and shallow water.

3D Hard Pike

After spawning, Pike patterns are an essential “must-have” in the bait box. The female pike has developed a taste for its admirers! Love has passed us by, and now hunger reigns supreme! Essentially, each pike has its region and only visits family that live nearby. If a tiny jack gets lost in the old pike lady’s territory, he will be punished for his audacity. Even if the vast pike isn’t hungry, the small predator is too much for it. We anglers may use this characteristic, which is precisely why the 3D Hard Pike was created.


Big fish can be hooked in the shallows at any time, especially when there is vegetation with the savage gear fishing lures. However, there isn’t always enough vegetation, or the circumstances in the shallows aren’t optimal, or those large and scrumptious baitfish are more plentiful out in open water. Remember that while the foliage provides excellent concealment for pike, it also makes hunting more difficult for them. As a result, these larger fish frequently convert to hunting in deep open water.

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