How To Fish On Piers: Top Tips


Dock and pier are almost similar concepts. The dock is water adjacent to the pier, where the professional seafarer ties vessels. Moreover, the dock is parking space by the water. The pier is a concrete sidewalk by the water. The fishing style in both these areas is the same. You can witness these structures above the water near any shores. Docks and Piers offer calm water for fishing and give a great insight into how to fish on piers. The ocean piers for fishing are dangerous because of the movement of the waves. The presence of undercurrent makes it illegal to fish in these zones. Fishing requires a valid license and permission. Some individuals consider fishing as a profession, and others take it as an adventure. Therefore, the tackle box differs as per the water and the location. Some of the fundamentals of how to fish piers and docks are:

How To Fish Piers: Top Tips
How To Fish Piers: Top Tips

Tidal Influence Is One Of The Basics Of How To Fish Piers 

High tides and low tides are frequent at the shores. This ceases f during the peak of high, and bottom of low tide. Moreover, the depth of water is an essential factor. The presence of fish depends upon the depth of water. Many docks and piers are completely dry during low tides, and fishing is tough. The fishermen should wait for the occurrence of high tide. However, specific docks and piers hold water during low tides. These are the places suitable for fishing and are safe. The direction of the tidal water also matters in fishing. The end of the outgoing tide and the initial of incoming tides are best. These fishes change their position with the tides. Old docks and piers lose fishes because of chemicals. This is not the case for old concrete docks and piers. 

Methods Of Fishing Is Another Basic Of How To Fish Piers

The fishermen should maintain the stationary position, and allow the bait to move. Moreover, many individuals use the trolling motor and anchoring pole system. Keep the boat either parallel to the dock or next to the dock or pier. The free lining concept allows the bait to move as per the water currents. Certain fish like the trout moves the bait to the depth. Therefore, the floating of the bait is also essential. The fishermen know the right depth for the type of fish. Bottom fishing is also another form, where the bait is close to docking. The red drum, black drum, flounder, etc. are bottom-feeding species. Live or artificial baits are perfect for fishing in the docks and piers. 

How To Fish Piers: Top Tips
How To Fish Piers: Top Tips

The Warnings At The Docks

The private docks and piers offer trees, branches, or logs inside the water. Moreover, this technique attracts fishes for food. These obstructions can affect your line or bait. Some docks and piers also exhibit warnings for undercurrents. You should maintain silence in certain localities as per the rules. The metal fishing docks make noises, which distract the fishes from that zone. Therefore, check for the warnings before fishing in the docks and piers.

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