Indian Fishing And Hunting

Indian Fishing And Hunting

Native Americans were always good at fishing and hunting. It is because Red Indians depend heavily on meat. For example, it could be wild animals, fish, or fowl. Here we will discuss different techniques they employed for this.

What Techniques Indians Used For Fishing And Hunting?

Fishing Technique

Red Indians did not have all the advanced fishing tools that we have today. So, they used whatever they had and came up with tools that helped them to hunt and fish with a lot of accuracies. Red Indians had fishing techniques that were more advanced than their hunting techniques.

Indian Fishing And Hunting
Indian Fishing And Hunting

Red Indians used net-like things called weirs for fishing. Weirs are similar to pound netters used in modern fishing. Much like today, they used to place these Weirs in streams or channels. The weirs are primarily made up of reeds and are tied together. Further, they are anchored to the poles, which are stuck in the sand.

If you look at the weirs arranged in streams, you can see that they almost look like fences with their extended ends sticking out of the water. Thomas Harriot, one of the colonists, explains the Indian Weir Fishing, like setting up of reeds or twigs in the water. They are set up next to each other in a way that they become narrower and narrower. So, once the fish enter the weirs, they are captured and cannot escape the weirs.

Another method of fishing involved throwing sticks that resemble spears at fish by aiming at them. This method was used either while paddling on a boat. Or when they are wading in the shallow waters for the fish. Often times, sharp tips made up of hollow tails of a crab or a fish covered these spears.

Red Indians caught a variety of fishes that include old wives mullets, please, trout, Rayes, porpoise, etc. during April, May, and June. Some of the fishes measured eighteen inches to twenty inches.

Hunting Techniques

The majority of the American Indians relied on bows and arrows when they used to go for hunting. Black bears were considered as “good meat,” by inhabitants, which they ate in the winter season. The man used to chase the bear, and it would climb up any of the trees. Then the man shot the bear down using his bow and arrows until dead or wounded it enough to kill easily later on.

Indian Fishing And Hunting
Indian Fishing And Hunting

Men also used to hunt fleet-footed deer at that time. For this, also they used the bow and arrow, but this time in a unique technique. The Indians usually applied method which required a top-level of skill and subtlety. So, according to this technique, hunters tend to hide among large plants secretly. As they see that the deer is sleeping now, the savages instantly killed them.

Other Reasons To Involve In Fishing And Hunting

The Indians used hunting and fishing methods for quite a long time. But this was not done to secure food, to use skins as clothing, and other needs. The Indians also involved in these activities for enjoyment purposes or as a skilled sport.

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