Jig Fishing- Know About It


Introduction To Jig Fishing

There are times when we use the term jigging in place of jig fishing. Fishing has been an age-old hobby of many individuals. People had been going for fishing since forever. Needless to say, the practice of fishing has some unique techniques associated with it. A dominant trait which people use while fishing, bring in categories among the task. On the basis of various fishing techniques, people are now slowly getting to be aware of the various names associated with them.

Jig Fishing- Know About It
Jig Fishing- Know About It

Out of the many fishing techniques, jig fishing or sing jigging, which many of us have known about. The main reason as to why this technique of this activity is called jig fishing is because the fisherman uses a jig. Amateurs also use a jig, and thus the name of the technique.

More About Jig Fishing

A jig generally has a lead sinker. The structure of the lead sinker also has an additional hook attached to it. An injured fish body present over to cover the hook is generally what attracts the fish to fall a prey. Unlike spinnerbaits- a different type of technique, the jig used in this case of jig fishing provide an altogether different strategy.

The spinner bait gives the attached fish a horizontal motion through the water. The jig in the jig fishing gives a vertical and jerky motion in the water. One of the many other reasons why people use it is because of the jigs’ usability.

For feeling a proper strike, jiggers use a rod in jig fishing. This kind of tactic helps in catching the fish that are present on or near the bottom of the water body.

Structure Of A Jig

A jig that people generally use in this activity has distinct parts to it. Each of the parts in a jig does different tasks. The two parts of the technique are the head and the body.

Jig Fishing- Know About It
Jig Fishing- Know About It

Getting To Know The Parts Of The Jig

The first part of the tool is that we use in fishing is the head. The head of a jig has a variety of shapes attached to it. The shapes attached are of different colors. The colors are generally made so that the fishes get attracted. Thus the shapes that we see hanging from the jog used in this kind of activity are of vibrant colors. Out of the shapes that we see around us, there are three jig head shapes that are very common.

The next part of the jig in this kind of activity is the body. The body of a jig that we use in this kind of activity comes in a vast variety. The jig on this activity is made of the material of either a rubber or silicone. The unique technique of jig fishing is very common in places of Okinawa in Japan. The United States Of America and Canada are yet other places where we can find the prevalence of jig fishing. The activity is what we refer to as the jig. The hook in the structure first not hang a bait. But it hangs a particular and typical structure. It hangs the structure of an injured fish. This model of an injured fish hung from the hook attracts the big fish. The big fish thus falls prey.  

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