Making Fishing Lures- 3 Ways

Making Fishing Lures- 3 Ways

Making fishing lures? Probably you want to catch a big fish, right. Attracting lures is a great way to do that and also useful. However, they are something that not everyone knows, especially the new fisher. Making fishing lures attract fishes. Luckily, you can get a variety of them that differs in colors, shapes, and sizes to attract different species of fishes. This is to say that not all fish attracts by the same bait. So, if you were making fishing lures or even going to buying one, you must read this guide first.

Making Fishing Lures- 3 Ways
Making Fishing Lures- 3 Ways

Making Fishing Lures First Time-Know The Pros

However, before digging deeper into the topic, let us tell why artificial baits are good than live baits. First, you can cast further using artificial lures rather than live baits. Secondly, they are less messy than live options. They are easy to catch and release the fish because unlike live baits, fish don’t like the taste of artificial lures. They don’t gulp the entire hook, so it’s easy to release them. Moreover, you can easily target a lot of species and use different baits for different fishes.

Furthermore, you should know what kinds of lures are there so that you can make one that allows you to catch fish of your choice.

Making Fishing Lures Is Easy When You Know Its Types


A traditional lure type is flies, which have a skirt and a hook. The flies look similar to insects, so catching fish is natural through them.

Soft Plastics

These soft and rubbery are suitable for bass fishing.


Shiny, curvy, and wobbling spoon lures look like an injured baitfish.


They have skirt hooks at one side, whereas blades are at the other ends. You can perch, bass, pike, and other similar species using it.


Dense and plastic or feathery look make them popular lures and are useful to catch deeper fishes. 

Making Fishing Lures- 3 Ways
Making Fishing Lures- 3 Ways

Making Fishing Lures- Try These Ways

If you are someone who loves experimenting with lures, then here are some excellent ways to try.

Buy A Kit

Kits are an affordable and easy way to make popular fishing baits within budget. Fortunately, lure kits are available online as well with new components. Get the package and make as much as you want.

Personalize It

However, if you have no idea how to make one, then modify the existing ones. For instance, make eyes on a soft plastic crayfish using a permanent marker. Also, you can change the hooks with something more straightforward to easily unhook the fish. You can even turn a simple spoon into a fishing bait using a waterproof sticker.

Making Fishing Lures- Use Your Creativity

Love DIY, then enjoy fishing lures with DIY kits or else use materials that you find around you. So, look around you and collect items such as jewelry pieces, spoons, beads, bottle caps, and more. You can use earplugs to make a popper fly. Luckily, there are lots of tutorials where you can learn about making DIY lures for fishing.

So, try DIY lures of your choice and enjoy it.

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