Nasomi Fishing Guide to Help you Level Up

nasomi fishing guide

Fishing is a skill that requires more time investment but less gil investment than other crafts. Fishing does not count towards your crafting level caps. Meaning you can level fishing and another craft to 100. The command & macro for fishing is /fish If you end fishing before depleting the fish’s stamina bar you will lose your lure or piece of bait.

If you fail to reel in the fish within the time limit, a bug will lock out your char. You must D/C yourself to fix. You can do this by ctrl + alt + delete or tab out and close the launcher window. Nasomi has implemented anti-botting measures so you must move your character every 20 minutes or so of fishing otherwise your catch rates will rapidly deplete. Otherwise there is no limit to how many fish you can catch in a day on Nasomi.

Notes About the Guide

You will notice I use 2 different rods, a composite rod for large fish, and a halcyon rod for small fish. However, only a composite rod is required to complete this guide up to level 96. Feel free to use it in place of the halcyon, but if you do have a halcyon I recommend using it where applicable.

Because the nature of the guide is to isolate targeted fish, a variety of lures and bait is required including:

A frog swimming in the water
  • -Sabiki Rig
  • -Insect Paste
  • -Fly Lure
  • -Frog Lure
  • -Worm Lure
  • -Shrimp Lure
  • -Meatball (optional)
  • -Rogue Rig (eventually)

The Guide

  • 0-6 Selbina

Setup: Halcyon/Composite + Sabiki Rig

Target: Cobalt Jellyfish + Bastore Sardines

-The rig allows you to catch 2 fish at a time increasing skill up rates. You’ll catch Jellyfish and Sardines. The Jellyfish are a high demand crafting item, so sell stacks on the auction house or use for alchemy. The first 5 levels are especially slow, but the rig should make it easier. You might catch some Quus as well.

  • 6-11 West Ronfaure (Knightwell Lake)

Setup: Halcyon/Composite + Insect Ball

Target: Moat Carp

-Moat Carp have an excellent bite rate here with insect paste. Make sure to keep 1 for your level 8-10 guild test.

  • 11-16 Bastok Mines (sewer)

Setup: Halcyon/Composite + Fly Lure

Target: Copper Frog

-This setup isolates Copper Frogs. The bite rate isn’t as good as carp but you won’t be wasting time catching unwanted fish or monsters. Copper Frogs also have some crafting value, not a lot, but worth checking the auction house.

  • 11-17 Mhaura

Setup: Halcyon/Composite + Sabiki Rig | Worm Lure | Crayfish Balls

Target: Yellow Globes

-Yellow Globes are mostly worthless, but this spot may be faster skill ups than frogs. Worm Lure and Crayfish Balls will isolate them, while Sabiki Rig will catch both Yellow Globes and Bastore Sardines which are too low to skill up on at this point. However, still worth using the rig if you have one. Put stacks of Yellow Globes up on the auction house or use them to level Alchemy (12) by making Poison Dust.

  • 16-20 East Ronfaure

Setup: Composite + Fly Lure

Target: Cheval Salmon + Shining Trout

-Cheval Salmon is your next guild test item so keep 1. Shining Trout is catchable starting at level 17.

  • 20-27 Bastok Markets

Setup: Composite + Frog Lure

Target: Giant Catfish + Dark Bass

-I notice a lot of people target Giant Catfish in Port San d’Oria, I don’t recommend it. In Bastok Markets with Frog Lure you can isolate 2 fish that both give skill ups. I recommend fishing near the music shop or another vendor so you can off-load the large fish quickly, but don’t forget to keep 1 Giant Catfish for your level 28-30 guild test.

So read the guide above for your next try at the fishing game Nasomi.

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