Popular Fishing Technique

Popular Fishing Techniques

If you are a beginner, then there is a lot to learn about fishing. There is a number of different fishing techniques available, which one you should choose as a beginner? The different techniques are based on various conditions, such as water depth, type of fish, and more. For best performance, you have to also use the specific technique with suitable rods, reels, and lures.

Here we have listed some of the popular fishing techniques. It is good for an angler to learn different fishing techniques. You should choose one or two from the below techniques as per your interest. You can try others later on.

Popular Fishing Techniques
Popular Fishing Techniques

Fly Fishing Technique

It is one of the popular angling methods used by the western anglers in which they use artificial flies to catch fish. The reason behind its popularity is the ease that it can be done both fresh and saltwater.

For flying fish, you should have a fly rod. For different technique, it requires a different type of fishing rod. There is no perfect fly rod for fly fishing as it depends on individual choice. You should choose rods and reels on the main fish size, big and small. They are more flexible. For catching fish, your fly rod tip must always be in touch with the surface of the water. 

Drop Shotting Fishing Technique

It is suitable for all type of waters from clear and murky to deep and shallow; whether it is still and moving, you will be able to catch fish by using this technique. This technique allows for catching more and more fish, more frequently. Drop shotting is bouncing the lure and making small jerk and flicking movements of the rod tip.

The drop-shot rig is simple and used for trolling. Beginners should use a versatile all-around rod, but most anglers use a spinning rod for better performance.

Popular Fishing Techniques
Popular Fishing Techniques


In trolling, from moving boats, you will cast the lure. The boat will move constantly near and on moving the surface of the water. You should move your boat in a straight line at slower speed so that the lines will drift along with the current, causing them to appear like a more natural prey to the fish. Fish can be caught by trolling are kingfish, mackerel, and sailfish.

Trolling is one of the most successful fishing techniques by casting lures at an accurate depth. Dropping at the right speed and the right location will increase your success rate. Anglers use 8 to 9 feet long trolling rods. You should have an extremely smooth drag reel to catch fish. For saltwater trolling, you should use skirted lures.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is one of the easiest methods which makes you drop your lure near the bottom of the sea where a particular type of fish lives. Fake artificial coral reefs off the coast can be made by captains so that fish will inhabit them. It is a relatively simple method except for those who are just beginning.

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