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Bow Fishing Equipment

Do you want to buy some of the best bow fishing equipment? Bow fishing is always a fun sport. One can bow fish from a smaller boat or shallow waters. Also, you can bow fish at night or day time. And for this gun, you require a reel, arrows, and bow.

So, now have a look at the list of bow fish equipment.

1. Bows: Bow Fishing Equipment

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The bow is a crucial bow fishing equipment. Fortunately, compound or recurve bow is the critical equipment for arsenal bow fishing, particularly when you’re a beginner.

Make sure your bow must have the feature of an arrow rest and reel. You can find a significant number of bow packages that are ready-made. So, buy one of these gears for your bow fishing.

2. Reels: Bow Fishing Equipment

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A reel can break or make the fun and success of your bow fishing experience. Also, there are three-reel types for bow fishing, and they are:

Hand Reel

Bottle Reel

Spincast Reel

2.1 Hand Reel

Hand reel is the simplest and easiest bow fishing reel. For this reel to function, you have to hold your line and roll it around a drum when you pull it.

It’s an affordable reel type, and drum reel is a popular gear considering traditional bow fishers. And these reels, moreover, work best with recurve bows.

However, this reel’s drawback is it needs more massive lines plus a significant amount of manual work than other reel types.

2.2 Bottle Reel: Popular Bow Fishing Equipment

Probably, the bottle reel is one of the most popular equipment for bow fishing. The reel is reliable and much easier to operate than a hand reel.

These reels use heavier lines, and hence, you do not have to face any problem while pulling the line.

However, the precise long shots can create a problem in this reel.

2.3 Spincast Reel

These reels are the most comfortable working bow fishing equipment. Moreover, this reel is mounted on a bow, and it allows bow fishers to retrieve their line than any other reel quickly. This reel also uses a thinner line, so you can go with long shots with so much precision.

The only drawback of this reel is its price. Also, it’s challenging to maintain and clean it.

3. Arrows: Bow Fishing Equipment

When you buy an arrow, make sure the arrow comprises shaft material plus its tip type.

3.1 Arrow Material

There are three bow fishing arrow shafts, and they are:



And Fiberglass.

All these arrows are solid and heavy and have enough power to penetrate underwater fish. Nonetheless, carbon shafts are a great option, but they come at a hefty price.

3.2 Arrow Points

If you talk about choosing the arrow point, these arrows comprise barbs, and these barbs make sure that your arrow sits in the right place while you drag your fish to the shore.

If you are catching hard-scaled fish, it will be useful to use a pointer tip or sharper to penetrate its skin.

3.3 Arrow Rest

When you need a stabilizer, arrow rest is for you, and it keeps the arrow still when you line up the shot.

Conclusion on Bow Fishing Equipment

We hope all these above bow fishing equipment lists will help you multiply fun at fishing views!

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