Stardew Valley Fishing Guide For Beginners

Fishing is potentially Stardew Valley’s single toughest feature because how it performs is not instantly evident. Worse still, players can get disappointed because fish are hard to capture, and they never wanted to catch the fish so early in the game. This lesson demonstrates the mechanics of minigame fishing to capture trout.

How to Catch Fish:

Cast a Line

Go to the sea or a canal armed with a rod. Press the action button to pop up a meter. The more complete the bar, the more your line is drawn as you press the button for the second time. The bobber can lure various fish on the ground. Further out from land is preferable and normally results in higher capture values. That’s a reasonable rule of thumb to follow, and discovering locations where you can cast far from land can be beneficial. 

Wait for a Hit

You’ll now normally get a hit inside 10 seconds. Wait for the sound and visual signal (a kind of alarm) before pressing the button again. If you have an actual fish on the hook, the fishing minigame will start. You can sometimes only reel in some seaweed.

Fishing Minigame Objective: 

The fish can go up and down the bar, and there’s a green box that you can manipulate by clicking the action button. Your goal is to maintain the fish in a green box. The key meter will be filled in at these borders so that you capture the trout. The meter begins to drop once the fish leaves; you hear a click, and the box diminishes before the fish is back. 

You’ve captured the fish while the fishing meter is packed.

However, here’s the big challenge – the fish can swim, and the correct simulated “pressure” must be applied. It will rise or fall and can even fool you by quickly and erratically jumping about. These gestures suggest various fish species. This is why beginners need not be intimidated if a fish seems to be difficult to capture – it may have been a legendary fish because you’re a novice fisherman!

Moving the Green Box

Moving the bar up requires a left-click on the mouse or a touch of the action button on the Xbox controller. Holding the button causes it to climb quickly, and releasing it causes it to sink. But, how can we keep it all in one place? We push or rhythmically push the button so that the bar does not rise or fall. If you click a little harder, it will go up. It’ll go down if you click a little slower. So hold to get it to raise a little, then start clicking to keep it in the right place and change as needed!


This lets you hopefully in the Stardew Valley catch some trout. Each amount of fishing would make it easier to capture the average fish in the green region. You will have the opportunity to handle it enormously when you’re in levels 6-8 and have an Iridium Fishing Pole. You’ll finally be lucky enough for legendary fish to chase.

With each good capture, your character gains fishing skills. At level 2, you can start making bait to place the fishing pole of fiberglass on the docks of the shop guy. This raises the bite rate, meaning much more fish can be caught a day.

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