Surf Fishing Gear – What You Need For Your Trip

surf fishing gear

Surf Fishing is a great sport that people of all ages can enjoy. There are two kinds of fishing, Jet ski fishing and Stand Up Paddle Fishing. Jet skiing is basically when you use a jet ski and ride it out into the ocean. Stand up paddle fishing involves fishing while standing up in the water. If you decide to try this kind of fishing, you need some good surf fishing gear.

Buy The Right Clothing

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Clothing is very important when going surf fishing. You should wear shorts, T-shirts, beach shoes, and a solid cap. Before leaving home, make sure to check out your local state laws on what kind of clothing you can and cannot wear while fishing. Some states require that you have a valid fishing license when fishing off the shore or from a boat dock. Wearing an inflatable wading vest for protection when wearing chest waders, and a lightweight weight belt with an ankle strap for added protection.

Get The Right Fishing Tackle

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When choosing your surf fishing gear, it’s important to choose what you’ll be using it for. There are many different kinds of fishing tackle available. Anglers will choose between fly fishing, bait casting, and spinning rods. Anglers will also choose between smaller spinning reels and longer bass rods. With so many different choices, the best bet is to read up on the basics of each before making a decision.

Surf Fishing Vest Is Important

One of the most important pieces of surf fishing gear that an angler should own is a surf-fishing vest. This is a long sleeve, waterproof fabric that is made specifically for carrying your gear while out on the water. The material will help to protect your surf fish from wind and salt spray. The beach will not be too sandy, but it will be a little rough.

Buy A Sand Spike

One important piece of surf fishing tackle for this activity is a sand spike. These spikes are used to hook the fish once they hit the sand. Spikes are available in different materials such as vinyl, nylon, or polyester. There are also metal spike hooks available. Spikes are adjustable, and the type of spike you choose depends on the type of surf fishing tackle that you have.

Get Replacement Blades

Another vital piece of surf fishing gear that all anglers should own is a full set of replacement blades for their surf fishing rod. Blades are essential when it comes to getting the line in the water and reel in the fish. Blades come in different sizes, styles, and models. Some of the most popular types include spinning, bait casting, and bait-casting reel sets. Each style has its own advantages. Knowing which type is best for the kind of fish you’re planning on catching will help you make the right choice.

Shrimp Worms

Other surf fishing tips include knowing how to use your bait. Some baits float, while others sink. Knowing what kind of bait you need to use will depend on the kind of fish that you want to catch. If you are planning on using shrimp, for instance, you’ll need to purchase some shrimp worms.

Choose The Right Rig

Some other good surf fishing tips include choosing the right bait and rig. A rig is simply a combination of bait and lures. Some popular rigs include slip sinkers, jigs, spoons, and other bait and lure combinations. When purchasing your tackle, you must also choose the right line, reel, and tackle. Choosing the wrong equipment will leave you disappointed and, in the worst-case scenario, you can even injure yourself.

Get Yourself Vaccinated

One of the most important aspects of fishing, besides finding the right spot to go, is knowing when and where to fish. When on a surf fish expedition, knowing how long the tides are at certain locations can often make the difference between catching your limit and going home empty-handed. Depending on where you live, the tides may be either slow or fast. Knowing when and where the best times to go are important to keep your vacation from being one to forget.

Carry Some Angers Hook

Another tip to remember is that different species of fish tend to bite at different times. Some anglers hook into their favourite hot spot when on a surf fishing expedition, but this tactic isn’t always successful. Knowing the preferences of the local fish can help you decide when to crank up the cooking on your tackle, as well as when to leave the bar-b-q so you can grab some ice cream.

Wrapping Up

Of course, no surf fishing trip would be complete without finding the perfect rod and reel for the job. Most experienced anglers will agree that certain rods just feel better in the hands, while other types of angler tackle feel better when used with certain reel types. Whether you’re looking for a fly rod or an electric tip, it’s important to know which kind of reel to purchase before heading out on a fishing adventure. If you’re going to go out and catch trout, a spinning reel is definitely the way to go, as it gives you more control over the movement of your bait. Fly reels tend to be heavier than normal spinning rods and thus require a heavy line to cast from. This is especially true if you plan to cast both weight lines and a fly line at the same time.

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