The Only Guide To Surf Fishing You’ll Ever Need

Surf Fishing Kit

Fishing is a great bonding time for father and sons. I often hear people saying that when they were little their fathers would always take them out fishing whether if it’s on a pond, a pier, or down by the beach. Wherever you want to fish with your son, fishing is a great way to spend the day. In this article I will discuss to you the fishing gear and tools. Now you have the right type of gear for this because if your rod isn’t safe for saltwater use you’re just going to ruin the equipment. Make sure to get the right type of gear that is suited for surf fishing. 


Bringing tools is important for any surf fisher. Experience fishers bring a wide range of tools but beginners can start with the following:

Surf rod – This is first on the list because this is the backbone of the whole operation. Distance is important when it comes to surf fishing because you need to get your bait out 100 to 200 yards for it to go beyond the crashing waves. Experts recommend around the 10-12 foot long rods for beginners

The Only Guide To Surf Fishing You’ll Ever Need
Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod 4-Piece Graphite Travel Fishing Rod (9-Feet & 10-Feet & 12-Feet)

Reel, Main Line and Leaders – Just pick a high capacity saltwater fixed spool reel. Some surf fishers prefer the baitcasting​ reels but this is for more advanced fishers. Now the main line, a monofilament line is what most fishers would go for but if you don’t mind buying a more expensive one you can buy the fluorocarbon one. You would want to use something between the 20-25 lbs range test line. Now you’ll probably need shock leaders when you’re fishing from the shore. Shock leaders are used to absorbing stress that comes from heavy weights and long casts. They are available in different diameters. 

The Only Guide To Surf Fishing You’ll Ever Need
Dr.Fish Saltwater 10000/12000 Spinning Reel Surf Fishing Heavy Duty Long Casting Ultra High Capacity Offshore 13+1 BB

Tackle and Rigs – Now in surf fishing, using live bait is strongly recommended attached to any type of several sinker rigs.  Circle hooks are the best option for beginners since the fish typically hooks itself. Now your bait will depend on your location and what you want to catch. Now popular choices are cut squid, mullet, shrimp, sand fleas, clams, and bloodworms, but for beginners they should stick to cut squid or mullet because of the variety of fish that it attracts. 

The Only Guide To Surf Fishing You’ll Ever Need
Tailored Tackle Saltwater Surf Fishing Tackle Kit 82 Pieces Surf Fishing Rigs Saltwater Lures Beach Fishing Gear Pyramid Sinkers Saltwater Hooks


Needle nose pliers with side cutters for removing hooks and cutting lines.

The Only Guide To Surf Fishing You’ll Ever Need
Dykes Needle Nose Pliers Extra Long Needle Nose Plier (6-Inch)

Knives – for cutting lines and bait

The Only Guide To Surf Fishing You’ll Ever Need
Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA25 Liner Lock Folding Knife Clip Point Blade Rubber Handle

Sand Spike – to hold your rod while waiting for a nibble.

The Beast sand spike rod holder/57 inches/Aluminum/Stainless Steel Hardware

Cooler -to keep your catch cool while you finish fishing.

Coleman Xtreme Series Portable Cooler, 70 QuartColeman Xtreme Series Portable Cooler, 70Quart


There aren’t many technicalities in surf fishing. You basically choose a good spot, set up your gear, and tying your rig. You’ll learn the tricks of choosing a spot with experience, but for beginners just looking for the location where the experienced fishers fish. Just make sure you stay 50-100 yards away from the closest fisher.

Now that you know the tips and tricks to surf fishing, you can now cast your lines and fish away. 

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