Techniques Of Rock Fishing

A man doing a trick on a rock by the water

Rock fishing is a favorite time pass for the people of Australia and New Zealand. Moreover, in this region, people look for fishes in the rocky ends of the seashore. Therefore fishes from the sea get trapped in the rocky areas when high waves hit the coasts. Moreover, rock Fishing is a dangerous way of fishing. As these places are risky, sometimes people lose their lives while fishing. Moreover ground and surface fishing are the two methods of rock fishing.

Rock Fishing in breakwaters
Rock Fishing in breakwaters

A rod and reel and line along with bait are used to lure fishes. Sometimes only a line is used for rock fishing. Therefore natural bait is good for bottom fishing. While natural, as well as artificial bait, is suitable for surface fishing. Moreover, some fishers use baitfish, such as bluegill and perch. They use an umbrella rig for catching fish.

Umbrella Rig Method

An umbrella rig in spring is also used for rock fishing. Therefore neon green plastic lures with a lead dragging is an umbrella rig. Sometimes an additional lure is attached to the lead to attract fishes. This lure will have hooks, making it a target for fishes.

Using Bait Fish for Rock Fishing

Baitfish are available in stores. Sometimes the fisher catches them while fishing. A small baitfish can be used as a whole for catching bigger fish. Cut pieces of fish also lure small fish. Thus, for fish of different species, the lure of varying size and type is chosen.

Rock Angling

In Rock angling method, you throw the angler in the deep water. This method is used to avoid fishing from rocky edges. A rod of 10 to 11 feet is appropriate for fishing from rocks. As fish comes here to feed, it is easier to catch them. A fixed spool reel or a multiplier reel with the line is for fishing over rough ground.

Risks In Rock Fishing

Due to the seawater, rocks become coarse and unbalanced. Hence, they become risky and slippery. There is a high risk of falling between the rocks. It is tough to come out if one falls between the rocks. Above all, there are strong currents which can drag you into the deep sea. Strong waves and high tides and hit you against the rock, putting your life in danger. These places are not populated, and hence calling for help is difficult. Your float or small boat may get damaged by getting into the rocks.

Rock fishing at seashore
Fishing at seashore


Thus, rock fishing is a shore fishing method. Harbors, Seawalls, and breakwaters are perfect places for rock fishing. Usually, small fish fishing is done in these places. One may easily find fish in the right hole. Unless a very risk coastline, rock fishing is easy and simple. You do not need much equipment for this kind of fishing. All you need is a bait to lure big fish. For bottom fishing, seawalls are appropriate places. Just stay in a safe spot and leave your bait in the water to catch a fish. Thus, a little bit of patience is all you need for a good catch.

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