The best gear in town named Sodium Fishing gear

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Sodium began as a simple thought which presently went to a reality in 2011. It was a straightforward idea to make affordable apparel and stuff to address our humble community of Crystal River, FL. Casey Damron was resolved to make this modest community thought something exceptional. As the brand kept on developing, so did the desire. When Sodium began to grow out of the get truck beds and sharing little office space with different organizations, they chose to open a moderate retail location in Crystal River in 2013. The brand kept on developing with the assistance of the local area around. As the thoughts and desire grew, so did the push for a more extensive place. 

Trolling motor

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A trolling motor is a lightweight, low force detachable engine that sudden spikes in demand for power and is intended to keep the kayak moving at intense paces for broadening periods. Trolling is a style of draw fishing that hauls a bait/lure behind the boat over a vast region. Few out of every odd kayak has a mount for a savaging engine, so check before getting one. 

Snare and line 

Longlines are the setting of long queues of bedeviled snares and are perhaps the most generally utilized type of snare fishing. There are two kinds of longlining: surface (pelagic) longlining and base (demersal) longlining. Pelagic longlines are set to get swordfish, fishes, and other surface swimming fishes—demersal longlines target species like halibut, rockfish, and cod. Handlines, Poles, Jigs, and Trolls are each one snare to one fishing line and are more limited than long lines, so they are in the water for a more limited measure of time. They can get similar species as longlines. 


Nets come in numerous sizes and shapes. Some are utilized latently (fixed, permitting fish and different creatures to swim into them), while others are being used effectively (versatile, hauled through the water). Typical nets incorporate fishnets, digs, seashore seines, satchel seines, gillnets, and cast nets. Fishes have towed nets that typically comprise a casing with a net pack connected pulled from a boat to gather fish and other marine life. Digs are scoop-like iron edges with fine nets joined. Seine nets are base-weighted nets put in the water encompassing a school of fish. Gillnets are net placed in the water and get fish that attempt to swim through the net but instead get snared. 


In September 2014, Sodium dropped perfectly not too far off to a more extensive area to feature the Sodium brand and the numerous new brands conveyed by the Sodium Fishing Gear retail location. From Sept. 2014 to this very date, Sodium has pushed to keep up with the best client care. And also people are giving so much of love to it.

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