The Definitive Guide to Fishing Gear Essentials for Starters

Are you planning to try out fishing?

Whether it is a hobby or a start of the journey as a professional fisher, selecting which fishing gear essentials can be intimidating for many. The fact that there is a wide array of equipment and each of it has a different scope of use is enough to get you to feel anxious about where and how to start. That said, it is crucial for first-time anglers to have at least a basic knowledge about fishing and the tools to use.

Different Fishing Gear Essentials and How to Use It

There are various tools used for angling. From basic to customized fishing essentials, each of it serves a different purpose. To better understand, here are the five gear to help you in catching fish.

Fishing Gear Essentials: Rod and Reel

The Definitive Guide to Fishing Gear Essentials for Starters

The Definitive Guide to Fishing Gear Essentials for Starters

A fishing rod is a long and flexible stick or pole, while a reel is a cylindrical-shaped device used to coil and stow line. These two are joined together with other equipment (that will be discussed later) to build the most critical apparatus for fishing. Both rod and reel have different specifications. Modern reels, for instance, vary depending on the toss’s accuracy, distance, as well as the length to retrieve the line; while the rod’s length can vary between 0.61 and 6.10 meter.

For beginners, it is better to start with a simple rod. An 8lb to 20lb medium type of rod, for instance, is a great tool for beginners. It can capture several species of fish that are usually dwelling in rivers and lakes. Furthermore, it is best for amateur anglers to use spinning reels or open face reels as it is easier to manage than baitcasting reels.

Fishing Gear Essentials: Fishing Line

A fishing line is a cord used to catch a fish by encouraging them to bite the lure attached at the end of it. It comes in different length, diameter, and material – and each type serves a different purpose. Say, fluorocarbon lines are usually invisible underwater and resistant to abrasion, while monofilament lines are floatable and can stretch. But generally, lines that are massive in diameter are stronger than its counterpart. That said, it is best for amateur anglers to use monofilament lines as it is easier to manage.

Terminal Tackle

The Definitive Guide to Fishing Gear Essentials for Starters

The Definitive Guide to Fishing Gear Essentials for Starters

Terminal tackles are small equipment attached at the end of the line. They are used as a way to improve further the chance of catching fish as well. Moreover, it comes in many sizes, colors and is categorized into three types:

  1. Weights. This type of terminal tackle is among the many crucial elements to achieve good angling. It is used to provide more tossing distance as well as the ability to maintain the bait underwater. Split shot weight, for instance, is affordable and straightforward which makes it an excellent tackle for first-time fishers.
  2. Floats. Typically called as strike indicators or bobbers, floats are made to keep the bait from going too deep and down the lake. It is also a visual indicator to know when a fish has bitten the lure.
  3. Hooks. This device is used to catch fish by piercing it in the mouth or the body. There is a wide array of selections of hooks. And the shapes, design, sizes, and material vary depending on the purpose.


Lures are the earlier types and alternative baits for angling. Unlike live baits, they are made of synthetic materials such as plastics. It is also available in numerous colors, sizes, and styles. Here are some:

  1. Soft Plastics. This type of lure is, at what the name suggests, made of plastics. It is a worm-like artificial lure which is perfect for bass angling. Yamamoto Senko, for instance, is one of the favored baits.
  2. Topwater Lures. This bait is excellent for catching fish on the surface. It is easy to use and budget-friendly as well. Among the favorite lures for this particular type is the whopper plopper.
  3. Spinnerbaits. These baits have been for hundreds of years and are perhaps the most efficient ones. The blades provide little vibrations under the water, which guide the fish to track the lure. Moreover, a white Booyah is an excellent lure to start with. Use it when the visibility level of the water is low.

Live Bait

The Definitive Guide to Fishing Gear Essentials for Starters

The Definitive Guide to Fishing Gear Essentials for Starters

Live bait is a traditional way to lure and capture fish. And one of the most efficient live bait is the nightcrawlers. Live shiners, on the one hand, are great lures as well especially for predatory fishes such as bass. Although it is small, it is proven that bass cannot resist not to bite it.


There is a wide array of option when it comes to fishing gear. And choosing which essentials to take is indeed a demanding task for amateur anglers. However, with proper knowledge, it will become easy eventually. As such, it is crucial to read articles and ask a few bits of advice from experienced anglers on what equipment to start with.

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