The Fight To Save the Sawfish

The Fight to Save the Sawfish

When you catch a unique or rare fish during fishing, then it makes an incredible memory for the person who gets the catch. While this might be a good thing for the fishermen, but in reality, it can mean that these species of fishes are on the brink of extinction. It is one of those severe concerns that we all need to consider in this ever-changing time. In recent years, many marine specialists have advised of these changes in nature, as it can be catalytic for the destruction of the environment. We need to consider proper steps for the protection of these Sawfish, and it might lead to various types of environmental issues.

The Fight to Save the Sawfish
The Fight to Save the Sawfish

Essential Details About Sawfish

Sawfish is a member of the elasmobranch clan and sharks, which has a flat belly for smooth movement in the water. You can quickly identify this fish by looking at its triangle of fins. In this type of fish, you will see a collection of sharp teeth, which are like spikes, and it is called Rostral teeth. The sawfish can use the rostrum on their teeth, which can help to stun the fishes so that it is easy to eat them. That is what makes them one of the fishes that other species do not fight with.

Information From Scientific Samples

Various things are underway to Save the Sawfish. In specific movements, the preservation of young sawfish is started by individual marine institutes. There are multiple research trips underway to collect the number of these fish. It shows that September is the most productive time of the year to find these fishes. Due to the lower water temperature, there is a reduction in the activity of these fishes. For the sampling of scientific research, random located is best to gather the data.

Monitoring The Activities Of Sawfish

By using a PVC pipe, the team collects in-depth readings, and the navigate remains with the 2 feet range. The group tries to track down the signal from a tagged fish by using Ultrasonic Telemetry Tracking Receiver. First, they try to listen to a wide range of signs, and if there are any pings from the transmission, then they will start focusing in that direction. If the team receives seven alerts from a specific location, then they try to recapture the sawfish for the evaluation. 

The Fight to Save the Sawfish
The Fight to Save the Sawfish

Using Multiple Techniques To Capture Fish

Numerous methods can prove useful to catch a sawfish. You can use the drum lines to catch the fish. The number of drum lines will depend on the size of the fish. To collect the fish, you can also use gill nets, and after the research, they remove all the fish safely.

In the Fight To Save the Sawfish, you can also contribute your part. Saving every single fish matters, and you can contact the hotline to report the location of sawfish. Every single detail will help the researcher to improve their search for fish. The data in the research and catching the fish, in reality, might be different, which will prove helpful.

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