The Night Fishing Tips That Captain Lee Says Are Right On The Money

night fishing tips

Night fishing is a great experience, but it can be difficult to find good locations. You’ll find many fish congregating in deep, dark water during night time. Your fishing success will be limited if you don’t have the right night fishing equipment. In general, fish tend to be more alert at night, less interested in lighting and will eat better at night than during the day. In this post we will discuss the most effective night fishing tips and provide you with the best night fishing equipment you will need.

Finding Best Night Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips

If you’re looking for good night fishing tips, I have two suggestions. First, don’t bother trying to catch a king or bear on your first night out. Although they are easy to catch, they are very timid and hit nothing during daylight hours. If you do happen to hook a bear, it’s very possible to lose your equipment so make sure to have some spare batteries, change them regularly and wear a bright light while you’re out. If you do happen to see a walleye, do not attempt to flip it unless you have the proper Walleye Lights. Walleye Lights are specifically designed to kill a walleye and can easily be bought at your local sporting goods store.

If you’d like to locate fish during night time fishing, look at the stars at night. When a star is overhead, that means that the water is boiling. Look for a spot on the shore where water is breaking at the seams. The fish are likely hiding under the rocks and logs where the tide will soon break. Walleye will be basking away in these areas waiting for a bite. Another one of my favorite night fishing tips is that you should cast your rod as far as possible from the boat.

Great Night Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips

During hot weather, many anglers mistakenly believe that it is unsafe to go fishing. I personally don’t believe that this is a safe or smart decision when hot weather and ice are present. I still don’t believe in casting a net over the top of the lake, but I do believe that a fishing rod will keep a better grip on the bottom during hot weather. It’s important to note that many night fishing tips focus more on having a rod that is light and effective enough for cold weather conditions, but I’ve always found that when I’m fishing in hot weather, I always go with a heavier rod.

Night fishing is about choosing the right bait and lures. There are many different types of lures available for any given situation. You’ll find that night fishing tips will always center around the type of lures you choose to use. The most popular baits used by anglers include crankbaits, worms, and minnows.

Some night fishing tips also say to take advantage of dock lights. If you have any dock lights in your immediate area, I would advise you to use them. Having lighting on the water will increase your chances of getting a bite. Many other anglers also believe that if you see someone nosing around at night, you should be on the lookout for flickers as well. Night lights will also help you to see the bottom of the lake better.

Explore More About Night Fishing 

The most common place that many people forget about using lights while fishing is in the dark, unknown waters of the southern states. In the south, many people rely on their flashlights to help them navigate through the murky waters. I’m not saying that you should light up the entire lake, but if you can, make sure that you do. Many night fishing tips also state that you should be wary of fish that tend to be wary of lights.

Final Words

Some night fishing tips will state that you shouldn’t use artificial lights while fishing. While this is true, I wouldn’t make a blanket rule against it. Artificial lights are great to have in certain circumstances. If you’re fishing on a night boat, for instance, they can provide you with the extra little light that you may need to get away from those big fish that tend to go after your bait. Again, however, you should be weary of certain fish that have a highly sensitive sense of light and should always make use of lights when trolling in murky water.

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