The Traditional World of Reels, for a Perfect Fishing Experience and Enjoy the Smooth Performance!

Fishing lovers out there! Take your fishing experience to a whole new level with this incredible metal spool fishing reel. With foldable rocker arms and a superior metal line cup, the reel delivers exceptional performance when it comes to saltwater or freshwater fishing. No matter whether you prefer small or big fishes, this tool won’t disappoint you. Learn more about its features before you get your hands on it.

Double Metal Spool Reel For Saltwater Fishing, Carp Feeder

A fast and powerful spinning fish reel is a must for an effortless and successful fishing experience. For fishing lovers, this double metal spoon reel is the right tool for catching the best fishes out there. 

Designed with full metal CNC foldable rocker arms and a metal line cup, this reel is ideal for beginners and experts alike. It features alloy main gear and stainless steel main shaft for balanced operation and a smooth fishing experience. The handgrip with superior-quality EVA offers a comfortable grip and reduces fiction to make long-fishing fishing hours more relaxing. This fishing tool comes with an infinity anti-reverse roller bearing to allow one to catch fishes hassle-free.

Take this reel  that’s perfect for right or landed fishermen. Thanks to the handle that can be removed and reassembled on the suitable side. This fishing reel is lightweight, durable, smooth, and comfortable to use. The anti-dust design and corrosion-resistant feature give this tool longer service life.

The best part of this reel is that it is multi-purpose. It is great for saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, inshore fishing, lake, river, pond, and so on. The maximum drag of this fishing equipment is about 12.5 kg so you can catch big fishes without any worries.


Gear Ratio: 5.5:1

Materials: stainless steel, aluminum, CNC aluminum, EVA

Fishing Reels Type: Pre-loading spinning wheel

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Pros Of Double Metal Spool Reel For Saltwater Fishing, Carp Feeder

  • Powerful, durable, comfortable, and fast fishing reel.
  • Ergonomic design and handles.
  • Anti-dust design.
  • Hardened metal construction.
  • Farther casting.
  • Multi-purpose and lightweight.
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Cons Of Double Metal Spool Reel For Saltwater Fishing, Carp Feeder

  • This spinning fish reel may not suit expert fishermen.


This premium lightweight yet efficient fishing reel is designed to offer high-performance in freshwater and saltwater. The tool features a hardened metal main shaft and a farther casting feature to make fishing in depths successful and pleasant. It has a metal line cup, metal foldable rocker arms, stainless steel main shaft, and a strong body to make fishing a breeze. The reel has ergonomic-designed handles offering a secure and comfy grip. No matter how many hours you spent near the waters, the handles will offer you a relaxing feel. The fishing reel has a longer usage life and is perfect for fishing in the lake, river, stream, and so forth. If you are new to fishing, this tool is perfect to get started!

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