The Ultimate Guide to Bass Fishing Baits for Beginner Bass Fishers

Bass Fishing

Now if you’re new to bass fishing you might want to read up on this. There are a vast variety of bass lures in the market today. So many choices from size, color, style. In this article I will discuss the best baits/lures for beginners to start with. 

  1. Plastic Worms – You can never go wrong using plastic worms because literally anybody can cast a worm and have great success hooking a bass. The hardest part really is the rigging of the worm. The rig that is very popular and a great way to begin is the Texas Rig for more info on how to set up a Texas rig please click here. It is best to cast it on a bunch of lily pads and slowly reeling it in making the worm go in and out of the water.
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  1. Spinnerbaits – Now spinnerbaits are great bass lures because ​it doesn’t need a lot of technique when you cast it. You just cast the bait and slowly reel it in. The blades of the spinner start to spin when you’re reeling it in creating vibrations on the water that attract bass. 
  1. Topwater Lures – Now this is where bass fishing can be so addicting. There’s nothing like a fish breaking the surface of the water to attack your lure. Topwater lures are (as the name says) lures that run on top of the water creating noise and disruption to attract bass. There are a lot of different topwater lures with different actions. Some move fast, some walk side to side, some barely move at all. 
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  1. Popper Baits – One of the popular and widely used today are poppers. Poppers are very easy to cast. You cast it out there and just let it float for a while; every now and then you pull your rod every now and then. Now here is where the popper got its name, the cup shape in front of the popper would make a popping sound when it hits the surface of the water. There are no rules on when you “pop” the popper. Sometimes it can do the job every 3 seconds, sometimes 20 seconds, sometimes jerking it constantly does the job. It really depends on you. 
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  1. Prop baits – Propeller lures have propellers. How this works is the propeller/s spin as the lure moves through the water creating a rippling sound as it runs through the surface. Casting it out and reeling it in is the first method you try. You can also try a stop and go approach where you reel and stop for a moment and reel again. Another method as similar to a stop and go but it goes a little faster by pulling the rod towards in bursts. 

Now that you have the knowledge of what baits to use, head on down to your favorite lake and get them bass. 

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