These Are The Best Stardew Fishing Tips Available

stardew fishing tips

The Fishing Skill in Stardew Valley is one of the most profitable and enjoyable in the game. Players who improve their catching skills can earn a lot of money, complete bundles, and even find items to offer to the museum. These stardew fishing tips will show you how to fish and use bait, discuss what makes a good fishing area, and assist you in finishing bundles.

How to Begin Fishing

Fishing Tips

To get a pole, go to Willy on the Docks. He will offer you a Bamboo Fishing Pole to begin fishing, or you can purchase one for 500G from him. This rod does not utilize bait, but at fishing level 2, you will discover the bait recipe and be able to buy it from Willy for 5G each, which is a bargain. Willy will then offer you a bait-able rod for 1500G, and your ability to capture hefty fish will considerably improve.

Experience & Proficiency in Fishing

Fishing Tips

Fishing Skill XP can only be earned by catching fish. Recasting the line does not affect. You’ll gain more skill experience the more successful your catch is. So it’s a slog, but several things can assist. You’ll be able to acquire better fishing poles, bait, and tackle, all of which will make fishing easier. You develop expertise with the pole as you progress through the levels. It reduces the amount of energy used to cast the line. It isn’t a big deal early on, but when you’re utilizing bait and in a nice place, fish bite a lot, and energy loss becomes a more significant issue. Proficiency compensates for this loss.

Seasonal Fishing

Depending on the time and the season, different fish are accessible. There are a few secret fishing places and a few spots that rotate through different fish offerings.

Crab Pots – Lobster & Crab Passive Fishing

Crab Pots can be made at level 3 and up. Place these along the water’s edge, bait them, and return the next day to check whether they’ve caught anything. The best part is that the catches help you improve your fishing skills. They’re also a source of passive revenue, and you may trade some of your catches for the Community Center’s Crab Pot Bundle.

When Casting The Line, Maintain Control

You have complete control over where the fishing line lands when you cast it. It allows you to visit unusual sites that turn out to be great fishing spots. Hold one of the buttons – primarily left or right, though diagonal may be feasible as well – just after you push the button to lock the bar and begin the cast. It can make a big difference in some fishing places because you can get a little further out from the shore!


Finally, as you boost up your fishing skills, the fishing mini-game grows easier. Fish move slower (you have greater control), and the green bar lengthens, making it simpler to keep the fish contained. These stardew fishing tips make catching average fish relatively simple, especially when using equipment attached to the rod.

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