Tips For Selecting the Best Fishing Rod and Reel

the best fishing rod and reel

If you are looking to catch the biggest fish possible when fishing then you are going to need the best fishing rod and reel combo for beginners. These tools can make all the difference in your success of a day on the lake or in the ocean. Beginners may not realize how much of an impact the rod and reel combinations they use have on the way they catch fish. When they learn how to properly handle the equipment that they are using they will be more likely to return to the lake or the ocean months after their initial trip simply because they enjoyed it.

The two main components in a combination like this include the reel and the rod. Reels come in a variety of designs, such as the spinning reel or the bait casting reel. Bait casting reels usually don’t have gears and are made up of plastic cartridges that allow anglers to cast their line with a drag system that is similar to that of tossing rice. Spinning reels are usually powered by wind up models or are mated with an electric motor to operate off of a battery.

An Overview

Fishing Rod

Rods come in a variety of styles as well. Some are made of graphite or fiberglass while others are made of premium grade steel. There are a few other types of materials that are becoming popular for the amateur fisherman, such as the Japanese kimono style guides and the fly-fishing guides. Many people prefer rods with guides because they don’t have the temptation to jerk the rod as they reel in the fish. Reel designs include guides with rings on the butt of the rod and guides with a dome at the end of the pole.

Rod combos range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. The cost depends largely on the type of rod and reel combination being purchased. The basic components include the reel, rod, and tackle boxes. Depending on the model, reel combos can be loaded onto the rod and then loaded into the box. These units are designed to work together as one unit and the retailer will provide the necessary hardware to do so as well as the necessary instructions.

Tips to Select the Right Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod

One of the more popular combos is the combo of a bait caster reel and rod. These are designed to work together in a single fluid motion to cast and trap the fish once they hit the water. A carbon fiber rod is used for this type of combination. This allows the angler the opportunity to use a heavy duty fishing line and leader.

Beginners need to take some time to learn how to use their rods properly before trying to use a combination. Even though it may seem like a good idea, starting out with a combo can often lead to frustrations and even injury. Anglers should be sure to follow all of the recommendations provided by the manufacturer of the rod or reel they intend to use. Once an angler has learned how to effectively cast a bait with a regular fishing rod, they should move up to rods that will be used with a bait caster. They should also read any additional information that will be provided with the package they have selected.

The final piece of equipment that will be required for the beginner to become an expert at using a bait reel is the gear ratio. The gear ratio tells the angler how many times more force is needed to cast the bait than there is to pull the reel back. For example, the lower the gear ratio the faster the bait will go through the air. The higher the gear ratio the slower the bait will go through the water.

Bottom Line

Once all of the necessary components have been purchased the angler will be ready to make their first cast. Most new anglers prefer to start out with a fly reel mount. A fly reel is a much smaller and lighter rod that will help to improve the casting range of the beginner. However, it is important to realize that the graphite tip on the fly reels do not have nearly the weight that the graphite of the graphite tips of the rod have. Therefore, in addition to purchasing the graphite tip from the manufacturer the angler should also purchase the proper pole and reel mount that will match the weight and length of the graphite tip that will be attached to the rod.

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