Top 50 Fishing Accessories: Go Fish For Them!

Top 10 Fishing Gear From My Fishing Tips Store: Go Fish For Them!

Many people see fishing as a great hobby that whisks them away from the city, by the serene lake where they kick back & relax with friends. Also, return home with delectable prizes! If you’ve tried this activity before, you must be knowing the importance of having the right fishing accessories. After all, not everything could be used to bag your favorite fish. There are reels, tackles, hooks, fishing rods, and many more options that leave you baffled!

Not to mention, all fishing equipment has unique features, each of them required to enhance your experience! Sounds overwhelming right? Here, you’ll find all the tools and widgets to suit your basic needs.

Best Fishing Accessories For Both Beginners & Expert: Top 10 Picks From My Fishing Tips Store!

Ghotda Carp Fishing Rods

Carp is one of the most sought-after fish in the world—a staple part of worldwide diets. Nutritious and oily, overall, it’s a good fish to eat, which is prepared in multiple ways. Every year, many passionate fishermen hit the lake with specialized carp fishing rods to hunt for their favorite fish. And, Ghotda’s carp fishing rod is a durable, easy to haul, and chic accessory to have.

Moreover, it can be folded and packed so that users can carry it while fishing. Secondly, it’s made with tough 80% FRP + 20% carbon fiber, which makes it all the more resilient during an outdoor adventure. Thirdly, it comes with a firm & long-lasting reel seat, which doesn’t come off very easily. This handy fishing rod, available in white color and multiple sizes (2.1, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0 & 3.6M), is the perfect catch for beginners.

Top 10 Fishing Gear From My Fishing Tips Store: Go Fish For Them!
Top 10 Fishing Accessories: Go Fish For Them!

Foldable Mini Fishing Rod- Among The Most Recommended Fishing Accessories

Are you looking forward to an outdoor fishing adventure but have plenty of equipment to carry? Travel light with this mini fishing rod. Besides being small in size, (Folded size: 26.5cm & Extended Size: 134cm), it’s also light (weighs around 560 gram) and readily portable. The total real to rod to gear ratio is 3:6:1. Moreover, the device is available in both plastic and stainless-steel variations, with multiple line capacities. Follow the link below to read more about its technical features.

Top 10 Fishing Gear From My Fishing Tips Store: Go Fish For Them!
Top 10 Fishing Accessories: Go Fish For Them!

Carbon Steel Spring Hook-Handy Fishing Accessories For The Novice

Blue marlin, sailfish, bluefish tuna & swordfish are some of the most difficult fish to catch that require a lot of time and patience on the part of fishers. Not only this, but you also need a strong and robust fishing hook to catch these fish, and carbon steel spring hook is just the thing you need. This special fishing hook, available in 4 different hook sizes (6#, 10#, 8#, 12#), and made of stainless-steel carbon, comes with a resilient spring that helps novice anglers pull the bait.

This feature comes in handy when you’re fishing for the first time! As shown below, a single package contains 10 spring hooks that last for quite some time. You must try them!

Top 10 Fishing Gear From My Fishing Tips Store: Go Fish For Them!
Top 10 Fishing Accessories: Go Fish For Them!

Spinning Fishing Reel

We’ve talked about the rod and the hook, but not about the reel—which plays an equally important role, like other fishing accessories. This fishing reel is a combination of many long-lasting, high-quality metal and alloys to make it stronger and more durable. The reel comprises a metal cup, foldable metal rocker on the left, and a convertible handle on the right—all of it made of strong zinc alloy.

A tensile, high-strength plastic housing covers it. Additionally, the metal sounding piece, Japan organ spring, and copper transmission rod make it even sturdier. Also, it comes with an exclusive casting mechanism and powerful brake control to help you maneuver the fishing rod better.

It’s a great investment for passionate anglers.

Top 10 Fishing Gear From My Fishing Tips Store: Go Fish For Them!
Top 10 Fishing Accessories: Go Fish For Them!

Fishing Plier Scissor Braid Line Lure Cutter

What if your hook gets stuck into the mouth of the fish, and you can’t get it out? Then, you’ll probably need something to get the bait out, isn’t it? That’s what fishing pliers are meant for. This handy accessory resembles a plier in shape and functions as a scissor. Besides, you can also use it for cutting wires, chopping bait, and other purposes, if required.

When stuck, you can easily detach the hook from the fish’s mouth using this multi-functional fishing accessory. Made of sturdy stainless steel, it’s corrosion-resistant & durable. Despite having a metallic body, it is lightweight and compact (12cm x 4cm), and comes with a case that you can readily carry.

Top 10 Fishing Gear From My Fishing Tips Store: Go Fish For Them!
Top 10 Fishing Accessories: Go Fish For Them!

Wireless Fish Bite Alarm- Convenient Fishing Accessories For Beginners

While expert anglers rely on their years of experience and instincts to pull back fish, it’s a tough challenge for the newbie. What if the fish takes the bait and quickly moves on without you noticing? This is where a wireless fish bite alarm comes to our rescue! This sound-light alarm system is usually installed in your fishing rod—sealed and screwed in place with ABS. It works similar to the wireless security alarm in our homes.

Once the fish takes a bite at your bait, you’re alerted of its presence and you can pull back your bait. Being light and handy (Size: 6.0 x 8.0 x 2.3 cm), it’s easy to use and move. Also, two AG13lr44 batteries power the electronic alarm system. The entire package contains twin batteries, a rubber sleeve, as well as, an electronic bite alarm fish ringer. All in all, it’s a great tool to have.

Top 10 Fishing Gear From My Fishing Tips Store: Go Fish For Them!
Top 10 Fishing Accessories: Go Fish For Them!

Mesh Folding Fishing Net

How many of you love the traditional way of fishing? Just imagine throwing off the fishing net over a lake or pond, and then waiting for some time to take home your loot! Sounds amazing, right?

This foldable fishing net, made of flexible fiber, can be used to catch shrimp and other stagnant water fish. It’s retractable so, you don’t have to worry about the net floating away with water current. Moreover, it comes in three sizes (Small, Medium, Large), depending on the size and quantity of fish you’re interested in catching.

Top 10 Fishing Gear From My Fishing Tips Store: Go Fish For Them!
Top 10 Fishing Accessories: Go Fish For Them!

Multifunctional Outdoor Fishing Hook

Gone are the days when fishermen had to look for pointy things to use as a hook for bait. Modern anglers enjoy fishing with different kinds of multifunctional fishing hook that can be used in all kinds of water. This high-quality outdoor fishing gear is made of strong and sturdy material (usually plastic or stainless-steel) to resist corrosion.

They’re usually smooth (to prevent scratching) and lightweight (have negligible weight), and stick on to the bait. Once caught, you can easily detach the hook to get your loot!

Top 10 Fishing Gear From My Fishing Tips Store: Go Fish For Them!
Top 10 Fishing Accessories: Go Fish For Them!

Multifunctional Portable Nylon Fishing Bag

Reels, rods, nets, hooks, baits, ropes—there’s so much stuff to carry when you go outside. Where will you put all that? We recommend this multifunctional portable fishing bag (size: 42in X 15in) having multiple pockets where you can store your fishing accessories! It’s a great travel companion!

Top 10 Fishing Gear From My Fishing Tips Store: Go Fish For Them!
Top 10 Fishing Accessories: Go Fish For Them!

Fish Scale Peeler

Although not involved in fishing directly, this fish scale peeler is a handy tool that helps you get rid off the fish scale. Unlike a traditional knife, you won’t have the scales flying all over your kitchen. Besides, it has a sharp abs blade and plastic body—quite handy to use and store!

Top 10 Fishing Gear From My Fishing Tips Store: Go Fish For Them!
Top 10 Fishing Accessories: Go Fish For Them!

Wireless Fish Bite Alarm

Did you know that you can utilize technology in your fishing activities? Try this fish bite alarm to make fishing so much easier for you. It basically alerts you if there is a fish at the end of the line so that you can actually leave your fishing rod for a while. You just need to install this unto the rod and attach the string to it.

Waterproof Outdoor Gloves

Fishing for long periods of time can be particularly tough on your hands. You can protect your hands from the excessive friction against the fishing rod by using these outdoor gloves. These are very durable and non-slip, perfect for fishermen or hobbyists.

U Shape Fishing Scissors

These scissors are perfect for all of your fishing needs. It is perfectly capable of cutting through fishing lines and thin wires. This is perfect for when you need to cut the fishing line. Its portable size also makes it the perfect outdoor accessory that you must have in your kit at all times.

Stainless Steel Survival Multi-Function Mechanical Folding Knife

This multipurpose tool is perfect for fishermen and any other hobbyist with outdoor activities. This foldable knife can be used to cut through fishing lines. It is also foldable which makes it absolutely portable. The tool is made of durable stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Knot Puller for Fishing Tools

This simple accessory can greatly help you in fishing. This tool ensures that all of the knots on your fishing rod are actually tied correctly. It also ensures that the strings are tight enough to ensure stability. These come in an ergonomic design for easy and comfortable gripping.

Stainless Steel Hook Removal Tool

Removing the hook from the end of the fishing line can be difficult. You even risk injuring yourself because some hooks are naturally sharp. This tool allows you to efficiently extract the hook from your fishing tackles. This is made of durable and high-quality materials.

Spinning Fishing Reel

This reel is a great accessory that you can use as an additive or replacement for your fishing rod. This spinning reel is made of the best materials so you can trust it to be durable. It also comes with a powerful brake control so that you can better maneuver this reel.

Spinner Fishing Lures Jig Metal Hard Baits

Lures and baits are very important in fishing because these attract the attention of the fishes. These fake lures are great because they look so realistic. It comes with triple hooks to ensure that you have really caught the fish once it bites down. The color also makes this stand out in the water.

Soft Worm Wobblers Fishing Lure

This is another great option for a fishing lure because these baits create life-like wobbles. Those movements will surely attract some fishes so that you can capture some. Simply attach these to the hook and then it will do the job for you.

Portable Folding Cloth Chair for Outdoor Activities

Since some fishing sessions take a long time, you might want to get this portable and foldable chair. This will allow you to sit back and relax as you wait for fish to bite your hook. This chair is so portable so you can easily bring it with you on your fishing trips. It can also carry up to a hundred kilograms of weight.

Soft Fishing Lures Silicone Bait

This is yet another great option for fishing lures. These lures generate life-like movements to help attract fishes to your hook. These are made of soft silicone and these are actually reusable. You get ten pieces per pack that you purchase. The bright colors will make these visible even from afar.

Soft Rubber Fishing Tackle Floater

This is yet another item that you should have in your fishing kit. These glow-in-the-dark tackles are perfect if you fish at night or for dimly-lit areas. These are incredibly easy and convenient to use. The tackles are made of soft rubber and they easily float in the water.

Sinking Wobble’s Fishing Lures

These lures are great because of how realistic they look. Each one looks like a real-life bass fish. They are divided into sections that are connected so that they can create the most realistic movements ever. You’d find that these are capable of catching bigger fishes. Each one is made of durable ABS plastic with realistic details.

Silicone Fishing Lures and Baits

This is yet another fishing lure or bait option that you can try out. It has a round jig head and a weighted body. The colors are two-toned and very realistic. Its movements also mimic that of realistic fishes so as to attract real fish unto your hook.

Silicone Fishing Bait

This is yet another great option for fishing lures. These lures generate life-like movements to help attract fishes to your hook. These are made of soft silicone and these are actually reusable. You get ten different color options that you can choose from. The bright colors will make these visible even from afar.

Shiny 3D Eyes Fishing Lure

This fishing bait is such a good pick because of how realistic it is. It is basically a fish that comes with shiny eyes. The eyes are attractive enough to catch the attention of various marine life so that you can reel them in. this particular lure comes in five different color options that you can choose from.

Rubber Space Beans Fishing Accessories

This tool helps you keep track of your fishing line at all times. You may lose sight of your fishing line in the water because of how thin it is. This accessory helps you keep your fishing line visible. It also serves the dual purpose of attracting the attention of the fishes so that you can easily capture them.

Round and Foldable Nylon Mesh Fish Net

Another way you can catch fishes is by using this fish net. It is a great option because of its portability and foldability. You can easily carry this with you wherever you go. It even comes with multiple layers for maximum capacity. The net is largely composed of durable nylon.

Reusable Fishing Rod Strap

Looking for a way to keep your fishing rod stabilized? Try these fishing rod straps. These are perfect if you have multiple rods. These straps are made of high-quality and durable nylon. It can handle even the thickest and heaviest of fishing rods. You secure this using Velcro and buckles.

Red Worms Artificial Fishing Lure

Worms are one of the most common fishing baits because they serve as food for the fishes. If you are facing difficulties with procuring real worms, try these artificial worms. These are made of silicone and they look like the real thing. These are easy to attach to your fishing hooks and you can reuse these for as many times you like.

Portable 50kg Digital Scale

This portable scale is a good way for you to monitor how much fish you have caught on a certain day. This can handle up to fifty kilograms. All you need to do is to attach the bag at the hook and then you are good to go. The LCD screen clearly displays the data for easy reading.

Outdoor Men’s Jacket

Since fishing is an outdoor activity, you might want to get this outdoor jacket to keep your clothes protected from various things like water and dirt. This jacket can also keep you warm in case of extremely cold temperatures. This is also sun-proof and breathable so you can comfortably wear it on hot days.

Outdoor Fleece Winter Cap

Some fishing trips can be particularly cold. You can keep yourself warm by using this outdoor cap made of fleece. This will prevent you from getting sick or getting too cold. Each size is adjustable enough to fit most head sizes. The fabric itself is also great at heat retention to keep you warm.

One Hand Led Light Gloves

This handy flashlight is great if you have fishing trips that occur at dawn or at night. Those times of the day can make it difficult for you to see clearly. This flashlight will help you out. It is actually very convenient because the flashlight is built within the glove so that you can still use your hand for other things involved in fishing.

Multifunctional Portable Fishing Bags

A fishing trip wouldn’t be possible without a bag to carry all of your fishing gear in. Try this fishing bag to cater to all of your needs. It comes with so many different compartments to accommodate everything you need to fish, from rods to accessories.

Multifunctional Outdoor Fishing Hooks

Revolutionize the way you catch fish by using these multifunctional hooks. Instead of a singular one, you can get five different hooks at the end of your fishing line. That means that you can get a bigger catch every time you lift your line. Simply attach baits at the end of each hook and then you are good to go.

 Multifunctional Fast Fishing Line Winder Tool

This fishing line is another great tool for all sorts of fishermen. This is so easy to install on any rod. It is commendable for its compact and lightweight design. It comes with a multi-rotational spool holder to ensure that there won’t be tangles and your fishing line will remain smooth.

Multifunction Telescopic Spinning Rod

This is yet another multifunctional spinning rod that will make fishing enjoyable and efficient for you. You can actually fold this up into a small and portable rod so it is very easy to bring with you wherever you may go. The handle itself is made of polished cork for a more comfortable grip.

Multi-Tool Carp Fishing Equipment

This tool is another must-have for all of your fishing needs. It basically removes the plastic sheath on coated braids for better fishing. This tool also prevents any damage to the delicate hook links. It also comes with a sharp cutter so that you can easily cut a fishing line into segments.

Multi Fishing Lure Mixed Colors Plastic Metal Bait Soft Lure Fishing Kit

Looking for a set of lures so that you can jump right into fishing? Try this set of lures. Each kit contains a variety of baits that you can use for all of your fishing needs. They come in different types and colors so that you can easily catch the fish you want. There are three different sets that you can choose from.

MNFT Pro Fishing Quick Knot Line Clipper

A knot clipper is yet another key component for all sorts of fishermen. It allows you to easily create knots for your fishing needs. It comes with four different options that you can choose from. You may use this as a hook sharpener, line clipper, jig eye cleaner, and many more.

Lead Fishing Line Sinkers

For your fishing line to penetrate deeper into the waters, you might want to try these sinkers. These sinkers enable your line to sink so as to access the fishes swimming below the surface. These balls are made of recycles lead material. You’d find that these can also significantly improve the steadiness of your fishing lines.

Minnow Crankbait Fishing Bait

This realistic minnow is a great way to capture fishes. It has three-dimensional eyes that look so realistic and will definitely attract real fishes underwater. The movement of this bait also looks very realistic. Its shiny exterior is bound to catch the attention of any fish underwater. This even comes with hooks so as to catch any fish that bites down on it.

Mini Wobblers/Crank-bait Fishing Lure

This set is a great beginner option for fishing baits. You get a case full of realistic and reusable fishing baits. These baits look like real fish that can be used to catch other marine organisms. These also come with hooks that are made of strong high carbon steel. You can keep these organized using the accompanying case it comes with.

Metal Tackle Fishing Bait

These metal tackles are another must-have for anyone who fishes. You get ten pieces per bag. You basically use these for your fishing baits so that you can catch more fish. This comes in two color options: black and white. It also comes in varying sizes so that you can pick the one that you actually need.

Metal Spinner Spoon Fishing Lure

This fishing lure will surely help you bait a lot of fishes. Its metallic finish reflects light so well that it is bound to attract the attention of various fishes underwater. These come with hooks so that you can effortlessly catch the fishes that bite down on these.

LED Underwater Fish Lure

This is a somewhat modern fish lure because it does not follow the typical design of fish lures. It is an LED light that is waterproof. This is great because it will be more visible especially during the dawn or at night. The light enables this bait to be visible for meters around so that you can catch something even if it is dark.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Seamless Fishing Ring

The best way for you to attach your hooks or lures to your fishing lines is by using fishing rings. These rings are perfect because these are seamless which means that there is no way by which your fishing line will get detached from the hook or lure. These rings are also very durable and resistant to corrosion.

Full Metal Fishing Hook Knotting and Removing Tool

This tool helps you easily get rid of knots so that you can fish like a pro. This is highly efficient that you can even use it with just one hand! Its gold color is striking and very stylish. This is made of aluminum alloy that is durable enough and designed to last for a very long time. It measures only eleven centimeters in length.

Foldable Mini Fishing Rod

This mini fishing rod will make packing for your next fishing trip a breeze. It is so portable that you can just carry it with you wherever you go. The rod is made of stainless steel and plastic so it is very durable yet lightweight. When you are done using it, you can simply fold it up and then you are good to go.

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