Traditional Fishnets

Traditional Fishnets

Fishermen make fishnets which are traps for catching fish. They make it from fibers in the form of a diamond shape. It’s a trap for the fishes so it’s also called a fish trap. It is made with thin nylon threads, which are tied together to make a trap. People make these traps in the shape of a big square. Earlier, fishermen made the net with grass or with any plant fibers. They also used wool and silk threads to make nets. One should make the fishing nets strong enough to catch the fishes. Traditional fishnets were not very strong and required extra effort from the fishermen. Name of some traditional fishnets are trawls, gillnets, surrounding nets, and entanglement nets.

History Of Fishnets

The fishnet marks its existence since the Stone Age. Historians have proved its existence in the past with pictures, paintings, and sculptures. Primitive men used fishing nets widely in the past. Historians recovered one of the oldest fishing nets in the Karelian town of Antrea. In Korea recently, explorers discovered fishing net sinkers. Earlier people entwined nets with wild grass or green flax. They tied stones in the corner to add weight. We can see old fishing nets paintings of around 3000 BC in the Egyptian tombs.

Types Of Fishnets

1.Trawl- Net use for pulling of fishing net is called Trawls. People call this method of pulling as Trawling. In this fishing technique, fishermen pull the net through the water behind the boat. They use daggers, a type of boat used for this process. In this process of trawling, they drag the net.

2. Drift nets- In this technique, the net drifts with the water current. Fishermen, hold it upright in the water. They commonly used in coastal water. Fishermen restrict using these nets for fishing in the high seas because the net is not anchored at the bottom of the sea.

Traditional Fishnets
Traditional Fishnets

3. Dragnet– it is a method where fishermen can drag the net across a river. The common example is a seine net. One can add weight to the net for it to go deeper into the water.

4. Fixed gillnet- Fishermen use this fishing technique for catching fish in shallow water. i.e. in the seashore area. Manufacturers have made it from a sheet of net stretched on water fixed into the ground.

5.FykeNets-People make these nets as long cylindrical bag-shaped. People keep them open using the hoops.

6. Cast nets– People also call these as throw nets. The net is in the water by hands. Fishermen swirl opens the net in a way that it spreads before sinking. They drag the net opposite from the current of water. It is a small mesh of about 4 meters in diameter. And are circular in shape.

Traditional Fishnets
Traditional Fishnets

 7. Coracle net- Fishermen use this technique of fishing on coracle boats. Traditionally, fishermen caught fishes using this technique.


A fishing net is important to catch fish. Variety of fishing net is available. Every technique is different from the other.

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