Useful MS2 Fishing Guide to Play Like a Pro

ms2 fishing guide

It is really fun to catch some fish on the Maple Story fishing game. But, for a beginner, to get a good catch can be really tough. Here is a complete MS2 fishing guide to help you. In this guide, beginners will learn how to start fishing, how to rank up with the most efficiency, and how to advance in your fishing game. On top of that, we will be giving out some intermediate and advanced tips and tricks for your more experienced anglers, who already spent hours upon hours, to explore ocean content and catch fish. 

Why you should start Fishing

Fishing Guide

Catching fish not only brings a lot of joy, as this activity can be quite exciting if you pull out something rare and valuable. It’s just like a slot machine. Sometimes you can invest millions and gain nothing, but if you are lucky, you can put the quarter in and hit the jackpot. In terms of MapleStory 2 Fish catching, it means catching a pet or a valuable item that you can sell for 100k meso. It’s all a gamble. Also – as with any life skill in this game – you can get trophies that help you advance. 

How to get the Fishing Pole

Fishing Guide

To cathc a fish, you need a rod. There are two ways of obtaining your first fishing rod. You can either progress through the main story up until level 13, and you will be able to access a quest called “Cast The Line” in your Maple Guide men. Or you can get yourself a brand new rod from one of the Fishermen NPCs in Towns of Tria or Evansville. 

How to Fish in MS2

As soon as you grab onto your fishing pole – you are ready to start collecting fish. All you have to do now is find a tile filled with a body of water or any liquid present in the game. Yes, this exceptional occurrence means that you can catch something in lava, venom, or poison tile too. We certainly don’t recommend eating anything from those. You have been warned.

After you place yourself near the body of any liquid to catch fish, double click your fishing rod from the inventory and use keys to pick a tile you want to fish in. Finally, press the spacebar to cast it. This short mini-game should pop out on your screen. Tap the spacebar to balance the fish icon in the blue area of the meter until the lower bar fills up entirely. When it fills up – congratulations, you have your catch.

Of course, you don’t have to stick with the same old fishing rod you got from the main quest. If you want to be efficient, you should exchange your tool for a better one once you have an opportunity. You should try to get the best rod possible for your mastery level.

So, follow the above MS2 fishing guide and show your friends that you can get the best catch!

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