Walleye Fishing Tips For Beginners

walleye fishing tips

You need to learn how to recognize the walleye’s patterns in order to bag your first walleye. The best way to learn is to find someone who has been fishing for walleyes for quite some time. Learning from someone who has been there and experienced all the little details is the best way to master the art of catching big fish.

One of the best walleye fishing tips is to use low light conditions to your advantage. Most of the species of walleye tend to like to hide under low light situations. You will be able to see them much easier and feel more secure when fishing in these conditions. You should use a rod that is as light as possible, especially if you are going to be fishing in the twilight hours. Walleye will have trouble seeing you during the day when they are nocturnal, but they will certainly pay attention to your movements if you are moving in low light conditions.

The Spawning Areas

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Another one of the top walleye fishing tips involves looking for the spawning areas. There are many areas of the lake that will be prime locations for spawning. The location of where the walleye spawning will take place is often pinpointed through the use of sonar.

In addition to looking for spawning areas, walleye fishing tips also include using a quality lure. There are various lures that can be fished on the lake including minnows, spoons, crankbaits, and even seiners. All of these can be fished using baits that are made for different water temperatures. For example, if you are going to fish for Walleye with temperatures around 50 degrees, you should use a lure that is made for water temperatures in that range.

Use A Light Line

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Some additional walleye fishing tips include casting out instead of leading the fish into your line. If you cast out instead of leading the fish in, it will be more likely that the walleye will go after your bait. When a walleye strikes your bait, it will hit your jig or minnows very hard. However, if you cast out and allow the fish to strike your lure, you will be able to get them off with only a few bites. Therefore, it is important to allow the fish time to strike your bait.

One of the best walleye fishing tips is to use a light line. Even though you are fishing in deeper water, the light line is still susceptible to wind and other elements. If you cast out too far away from where the fish are biting, you run the risk of the light line snagging on brush, rocks, or other underwater obstacles. On the other hand, if you go too close to the shoreline, you run the risk of your jig or minnows getting snagged on a low tide or an underwater obstacle.

Lake Michigan

Another of the many walleye fishing tips revolves around how to find the “perfect” spot. There are many spots on Lake Michigan, where you can find walleyes. Some anglers prefer to fish in certain areas, while others enjoy trolling the lake all day long just waiting for a bite. The ideal spot, according to some experts, is where the walleye has dived for food. This is often located at a location known for producing large fish.


When you go looking for walleye fishing tips, remember that they’re mostly tips for the early season. The later stages of the year can be even more productive, but it requires staying on top of the waters everyday. In fact, the best time of the year to catch walleyes is when they are just starting to spawn. When you fish for walleyes during this time, be patient: most likely, you won’t have any luck. However, if you’re willing to put in a little work, you can certainly find some walleye bites!

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