What Is A Jig Fishing?

What Is A Jig Fishing?

Fishing is a technique to catch fish. People do fishing is done in sea, river or lake. Techniques for catching fish are trapping, angling, gathering, etc. Jig fishing is a fishing technique which uses a jig to attract fishes. Jigs are the oldest weapons to catch fish. The jig is a type of fish lure. It is artificial fishing bait which grabs the attention of fish. The jig consists of sinker with a hook attached to it. Fishers generally attach it with soft material which is to attract fish. Jiggers has to move where most of the fish are. Jigs are for vertical motion and jerky motion. The jig has many benefits like it is very versatile. You can use it in both, fresh as well as saltwater. Mostly jigs catch fish that are on or near the bottom surface.

What Is A Jig Fishing?
What Is A Jig Fishing?

Types Of Jigs

  • Swim Jig Fishing – This type of jig is very popular. They wind around the water column.
  • Flipping Jig Fishing- Manufacturers have designed it to move in heavy wood.
  • Football Jig Fishing- Fishers use it where jig has to drag in the rocky surface. The ball in front of jig helps it to move smoothly without falling into the crack.
  • Finesse Jig Fishing – It is suitable for the small fish area in cold water. They come with a finesse wire hook.
  • Grass Jig Fishing- It has a conical head. This help it to move on grass without collecting the grass on it.

Few Tips For Jig Fishing

  • Use the right equipment for fishing- Start with a lightweight, flexible rod. Choose a lightweight reel with a soft texture.
  • No crosswind casting- Wind is the major hurdle while fishing. Always stand either facing the wind direction or the opposite side.
  • Map the bottom- Try measuring the depth to become aware of the distance you have to cover. Throw the jig in the water and pull it out to see the environment.
  • Re-bait – Keep a check on bait. You change it once it starts getting destroyed or degraded. This is the primary weapon which attracts fish in your hook.
  • Focus- You should never get distracted while fishing; that’s the most significant deterrent. The more you pay attention, the number of fishes you can catch.
What Is A Jig Fishing?
What Is A Jig Fishing?


Jigs are very versatile lures. They come in many shapes, styles, colors, textures. They try to match baitfish. Two essential jigs are duck-tail jigs and vertical jigs. Jigging is a very active and oldest fishing method. It requires the person to pop the rod tip up and move it vertically directly into the water column. A person needs to jig the lure upside down by lifting the road continuously. For an angler, it is essential to know how to jig the hook. Distance should be calculated very efficiently. A person should take care of the weight of jig depending upon the depth of the fishing area. Deeper the water, more heavy jig is required to reach the bottom. It is essential to check the flow of tides, winds, and currents to decide the weight of the jig.

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