What is Deep Sea Fishing and How to Do It

Everything you need to know about deep sea angling.


After months of angling, it is unavoidable to feel bored and want to find something challenging and thrilling. It is especially true for daredevil anglers whose preference are out of the ordinary. As a result, most enthusiasts switch to deep sea fishing.

However, this type of angling is not for the faint of the heart. It will require thorough preparation and high-level of knowledge to do it properly and safely.

What is Deep Sea Fishing?

What is Deep Sea Fishing and How to Do It
What is Deep Sea Fishing and How to Do It

Deep sea angling is an accessible yet tricky type of fishing. It started 40, 000 years ago and had continued until the present time. Compared to conventional fishing, what it aims is to let enthusiasts explore the deep is of the ocean and the kind of fish dwelling in there.

Moreover, it was categorized into two types: sports fishing and commercial fishing. Sports fishing is a recreational type of angling where people go on vacation, rent a fully-equipped boat, and comfortably spend the whole day hunting several species of fish such as sailfish and marlin. Commercial fishing, on the one hand, is the activity of catching fish purely for business purposes.

Things You Need to Know Before Deep Sea Angling

What is Deep Sea Fishing and How to Do It
What is Deep Sea Fishing and How to Do It

As what was mentioned, this type of angling is not for casual fishers. It requires the right mindset, skills, and broad knowledge. However, this does not mean that inexperienced anglers are not allowed to try as long as they have a guide and at least have learned a few things about it.

That said, below are a few crucial tools and reminders to bring and remember when you are planning to explore the deep parts of the sea.

Fully-equipped Boat

A working boat is one of the most needed equipment if you like to explore deep sea angling. However, it is essential to find one that won’t merely travel you in the middle of the ocean, but a right and fully-equipped boat. For instance, you will need a large one to handle and surpass huge and relentless waves.

Furthermore, it needs to have the right fishing features as well. Say, live wells, and rod holders must be included. You might also need cranking outriggers or even a grill to cook the fish you catch.

Fishing Gear Essentials

What is Deep Sea Fishing and How to Do It
What is Deep Sea Fishing and How to Do It

Seasoned fishers know how tools can significantly affect the success of the activity. As such, it is essential to have equipment that is suitable, and according to the species of fish, you plan on hunting.

Here are a few bits of advice:

  1. Live Bait. Typically, fishers use live and natural baits whether it is deep sea fishing or not. You can either catch it yourself or buy on a near fishing shop. However, when it comes to luring fish living at the bottom of the ocean, it is better to use a bait that your target will love to eat. Tunas, for instance, like to feed on mackerels. Hence, you can use it as bait if you are looking to catch tunas.
  2. Artificial Lures. Synthetic lures are excellent baits as well. Just make sure to get something flashy, as fish like marlin are attracted to it. Dragging it while the boat is moving is a great tactic too. The more water you cover, the higher the chance of getting found by massive fishes.

Right Mindset

What is Deep Sea Fishing and How to Do It
What is Deep Sea Fishing and How to Do It

This might sound unnecessary but having the right mindset will help the angler concentrate on what his target is, and he is doing to achieve it. As what was mentioned above, deep sea fishing is a demanding activity and requires a lot of patience, skills, and high-level of knowledge. That said, if the fisher does not know such difficulties and is impatient, the tendency is it could ruin his ability to focus.


Deep sea fishing—whether it is for recreational or commercial purposes— is genuinely a tricky and not-for-the-fain-of-the-heart type of individuals. It requires thorough preparation and vast information regarding the matter and how to do it properly and safely. Thus, before switching to it, make sure to have at least someone who is experienced enough to guide you on your first deep sea angling.

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