WoW Fishing Guide If You Are an Alliance Player

classic fishing guide

Like all professions, the highest possible fishing skill required is 300. This classic wow fishing guide will demonstrate how to level cooking and fishing in half the time it takes with other professions. It is strongly recommended to combine these two professions with other activities such as grinding. Since fishing is such an easy profession to get started with, this classic WoW fishing guide will save you days of grinding away.

Fishing is such an easy profession to get started with, that the game really doesn’t have much hard content related to it. Therefore it is really easy for new players to start at the bottom and work their way up. In this classic WoW fishing guide you will learn how to quickly level both your fishing skill and your artisan skills.

An Overview

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You can catch just about any fish in the game. There are also many recipes that you can get to make things like fish soup, or even better, fish sticks! These items are really nice when you are leveling as they are great for cooking at a camp. The recipes for these items are not too difficult to find either. They are listed right next to the fish that you catch. The WoW Cooking Guide also has a leveling guide for herbalism, which is helpful as well.

At higher levels in this classic WoW fishing guide you will learn the ins and outs of grinding. Grinding can be very tedious and requires a lot of patience. There is also a higher level fishing skill required for this profession at higher levels. Once you master it, you will never want to go back to fishing again!

WoW Fishing Guide

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In this classic WoW fishing guide, I will tell you all about the quests that are available once you reach an appropriate fishing skill level. The quests for the various fishing lures will help you gain some extra experience while leveling up. If you are not sure which quest to do, there are also some tips from the guide that will point you in the right direction. Some of the quests that you can do while leveling up are the quests for the classic fisherman, artisan and boat master. These quests will reward you with extra money, a skill point and sometimes a rare fish!

This classic WoW fishing guide provides a lot of information that will be helpful as you move on from fishing to another profession. I especially liked the advice on how to get started with your new profession. I also learned a lot about how to prepare fish. It is really simple and all you have to do is fish in a certain place and wait for it to become ready. Other tips include using the auction house for quick profits and the spot that sell the most fishes. It’s true that the auction house can be abused, but it is easy to learn how to use it properly and still make a profit.

It was surprising to me that the fishing trainer was not mentioned in this classic fishing guide. After all, the fishing trainer is really useful when you reach higher levels. The guide explains that you can train your fishing skills by going to a fishing trainer. The fishing trainer helps you learn more about the basic needs of the fishing profession, including the supplies you need to keep your pond healthy, such as the conditioner lure. Once you have the basics down, you can go to a fishing merchant and purchase the rest of the supplies you need. The merchant will also train you for higher level fishing.

In Conclusion

I particularly enjoyed the tips about obtaining rare fish. There are many more secrets in the vanilla WoW fishing guide if you are an alliance player. I particularly like the tips on the best alliance weapon for fishing, as well as the best defense against fish attacks. This is the type of fishing guide I would recommend to anyone who wants to become an effective, successful, and profitable angler in the world of Warcraft.

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